D R . E L R O I


Friday, July 29, 2011

Iloilo and Church Partners CoH, Confession

Last week we had a three day Channels of Hope workshop in Iloilo and just yesterday we have concluded the two day workshop for church partners held at the office chapel.

God has done great things once again in both events. More than twenty five participants were blessed and became channels of God's hope in Iloilo and there were sixteen church partners have participated and finished the workshop despite of the storm "Juaning" on the first day this week.

All these people were touched and deeply moved with what God has accomplished so far in my life when I shared my life-changing experience to all of them. Whenever I do this, which is not easy I must admit, the Lord keeps reminding me that He can really use anyone for the purpose of His kingdom. It was an eye opener for them especially to the church workers and leaders and made them realized their imperative role in the HIV ministry; that they should be the spearhead as God's people in eliminating AIDS related stigma and discrimination and in reaching out not only to those who are infected and affected by this pandemic but also to all the marginalized people of the society!

Through these recent events, I have proven that no failure or I must say sin, can hinder God's plan and purpose. I thought I won't be able to stand and speak about God's love, faithfulness and hope in me at the workshop after I have failed and committed the same mistake again. The frustration, guilt and shame I felt were still in me but I said there's no turning back. I can't live without Jesus anymore so I chose to pick myself up again and turn to God for His forgiveness, grace and mercy for the strength, wisdom and confidence I needed to continue the work He has entrusted me.

Times like this still makes me wonder when will I ever get to the point of my life where I'll be strong enough to resist the same kind of temptations, more focused on Jesus and be able to walk strongly right into the promises He has already set before me. Well I guess, only God knows. All I have to do is to incessantly trust and have faith in Him and ask for His life transforming grace each and every day of my life.

Friday, July 15, 2011

CoH for Colleagues in the Ministry

A little more than two weeks ago, it was the last 2 days of June to be exact; the team conducted another Channels of Hope workshop to our colleagues and few church and NGO partners.

Praise the Lord for this batch produced the second most number of staff who attended and finished the 2 day activity since its launching three years ago. There are 19 of them out of the 25 who have participated! This was also the second time that the person used by God to bring me back to His kingdom was with me in facilitating the event. The used to be doctor and the HIV patient were together again and firsthand experience always works!

Lots of positive feedback was received and most of them have really enjoyed and never regretted attending this unique, touching and life transforming learning event! For our church partners, it was an eye opener for them to learn HIV and AIDS and realize their calling as a church!

I will never get tired doing this ministry, sharing my life on how God met me, turned my life around, has changed me and still changing me and forever I will be grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be a beacon of hope to people who were truly touched by the life that God has given me. Thank you Lord for these new "channels of hope" and may their light shines wherever they go.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A New Endeavor

This could be the beginning of the consummation of one of God's promises in my life.

How God works in my life or to anyone's is pretty awesome and I must say funny sometimes. Why did I say that? I remember when I became a true Christian I told the Lord that He can ask me to do whatever He wants me to do for His kingdom except to serve Him as a Pastor. Besides, I am really enjoying the ministry He entrusted me. In fact I am willing to be a channel of hope for the rest of my life to many people.

Early last year I do not know what occurred to me, I woke up one day with the desire of becoming a Pastor! Perhaps not a preaching type because I am not sure if I have the gift of preaching but more of a counseling kind of Pastor. Counseling has been in my heart ever since I have recovered from the tragedy of being HIV+, so it became my dream and desire to be a professional in this area.

After three years of serving the Lord in the HOPE ministry, He had given me the opportunity to start something on this new desire and dream. Currently I am enrolled at Asian Theological Seminary to pursue the MA program in Pastoral Counseling! This week will be my third week at the school and so far I am having a great time and always looking forward to my next class.

Please allow me to say this to people out there who might be in the same health condition like me or to those who have lose hope already. This is clear evidence that being HIV+ is not an encumbrance to God's plan in my life. All we have to do is trust Him, continuously surrender our lives to Him and allow God to take over no matter situation we are in right now!

God said in Psalms 32:8, I will instruct and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. In Isaiah 41:10b He said, I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Lastly in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."