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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Year of The "Unexpecteds"

Yes, if I am going to describe the past year in a word…it should be a year of “unexpecteds” with an s
for a lot of truly surprising things happened in 2015.

First, I graduated earlier than expected. My plan was to finish around 2016 so it was a year ahead than intended not to mention that I have shifted from “non-thesis” to a “thesis” track inadvertently!

Second, the desire that God has put into my heart several months prior to graduation happened so fast and in a very unexpected way! On my last year as a student, I was thinking of how I could practice everything I learned. Then the idea of putting up a counseling and training center popped up. I shared it to a few friends and invited them to join me. I did not realize that God was already working! I later learned that two other classmates had a vision and a dream of the same idea.The ministries that God has specifically called me to serve, which is addressing the issues on HIV&AIDS, and homosexuality now has a home in AMARA Center for Family Counseling. Although each of us counselors has our own field of expertise, we are called to respond to anyone whom God will lead us to help. I will post more about AMARA next time.

Third, there was the unexpected guesting at CBN Asia with a surprise dynamics at the set. It was like the Lord has set me up so I still cannot believe that it happened! But I am grateful with the result and feedback I have received.

Fourth, passing the licensure exam for Guidance Counselors was another unexpected event! Although we have reviewed and studied fully for a week…oh yes just one week because even after the deadline of application…we were not sure if PRC would allow us to take or not after we have submitted all the requirements! The exam was also a bit difficult for me so it was like really an answered prayer to pass! We strongly believed, given all the hurdles we’ve been through, we all passed through the amazing grace of God! One of us even made it to the Top 5!

Of course, there’s the launching of our center in Don Antonio, QC, which was successfully attended by future referrals and partners that have resulted to a few invitations more to do the SSA workshop. Moreover, there’s a CoH workshop and a couple of HIV seminars to an NGO in Ermita and Resorts World in Pasay to finish the year off.

One very interesting that happened this year was when the Lord has finally confirmed that a book that tells His story through my life must be written. Actually, God has impressed that to me a couple of years ago but I did not give much attention to it although I have prayed that if it was really HimI would be needing few unexpected affirmations. Early this year when I was visiting Logos Hope for their S-Project, two persons approached me and opened the idea of writing my story in a book. But I said, Lord I need one more.” On October 28, I shared my testimony to the National Youth Commission of PCEC in a half-day HIV seminar. After my talk, a young Pastor approached and asked me about the “books” I have written and deep down inside I was like, “What? Are you serious? Oh Lord this is you indeed!” Funny thing was prior to that inquiry, the point person for that event talked to me about writing a book and when he heard the young Pastor’s question he abruptly told me, “See I told you, start writing!” Hence, as of this post I am on the last few chapters of the book hoping it will be published early or mid next year. Another funny thing was, I have not started the first book yet and it seemed to me that the Lord wants me to do a sequel! So let’s hope and pray that everything will be taking place as God leads things to happen according to His will and purpose.

Truly, God has never failed me to surprise with something during this season each year. What an unexpected turns of events this 2015! It looks like I am going to reach higher and bigger dreams for 2016 and my prayer is that…so are you my dear followers of this blog! Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year!