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Friday, October 14, 2011

Abundant Grace

My Pastor have invited me to share my testimony to this Christian gathering called Empower 21 to be held in Jakarta on the last week of this month.

This was mentioned to me few months ago and I said yes already because I actually had a plan of going there for a business meeting at work. Two weeks ago this trip was cancelled and now I have to shoulder all my expenses. I have wanted to back out because the ticket was quite expensive already. But my Pastor really wanted me to be there and I asked him why.

God's grace that I have, according to him, is pretty abundant that people need to hear someone like me who's struggling to live righteously in the name of Jesus. To cut the story short, I have finally decided to book a flight and be there as originally planned.

When I paused for a moment and think about what he told me, only then I realized that he was absolutely right. God has given me and continuously pouring out His abundant grace. Considering the sexual falls I had in the past several months, yet I am still here standing with my faith in Him and firmly holding on to the hopes and promises He has in store for me!

God has been faithful and will always be even when I am not. That's why I cannot brag about my love for Him simply for the reason that I fail Him every day over and over again. But I can brag about His love for me because He never fails. I need Jesus every second of my life for this life is not only for Him but it's all about Him.
He always picks me up whenever I fall. He always forgives and wipes away all my transgressions and encourages me to continue running the race He set for me.

So even if I am unworthy, I will go there to testify to the gospel of God's grace because that is what the Lord wants me to do exactly, stand in His name and bring hope to many. For this life can only be lived righteously and possibly with God's abundant, amazing and ocean-like amount of grace!