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Monday, September 1, 2008

Benefits of ARV

Drug cocktails prevent further damage to the immune system and in some cases, allow the body to repair the immune system.

Because of this, ARV prevents opportunistic infections and death. People with AIDS who were terminal and had nothing to live for, recover and go back to work and start to dream again and plan their futures like me. ARV is also very effective in preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

There is no doubt that these drugs are working and that HIV is becoming a manageable disease similar to, for example, diabetes. Again, it's not a cure but a treatment only and you can still infect others if you do not practice safer sex.

Developments such as the initiation of the Global Fund is currently helping Filipinos living with HIV to avail the ARV free of charge. I just hope and pray that it will last for a lifetime.

Source: "Channels of Hope" workshop manual.


self-sufficient parasite said...

Your testimony has truly inspired us and I praise God for the courage he has given you to be able to share your story with the brothers.

I have honestly been "spying" on this blog for some time now. It took me quite a while to connect the writer of this blog to someone I have actually met. I couldn't bring myself to saying this to you because I know I just happened to stumble upon privileged information. When it finally dawned on me that it was indeed your blog, I was just in awe at how you have such eagerness and excitement in life despite of what you have been through and are going through. The Lord is indeed amazing, proving to us through your testimony that "He grants the joy of His presence and the pleasures of living with Him forever"(Ps 16:11)!

I'm just thankful with how the Lord has brought me to finally accept that his grace is more than enough for my healing. Hearing your testimony makes me embrace this journey even more.

Ayan, napahaba na tuloy ang aking comment. =)

E L R o i said...

Thanks my dear brother for the comment I really appreciate it. It is God who is responsible for who I am now and yes I am truly blessed and very happy. If you have been inspired and blessed with my story, it has the same effect on me and it helps me to continue my walk with HIM with enthusiasm and a whole heart.

We will continue to walk in this journey altogether with other brothers.