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Monday, September 29, 2008

HIV Prevention Strategies 1 - ABC

As a Christian living with HIV, my ultimate goal is to promote Kingdom living as the effective way to stop the increasing numbers of people being infected with this virus. Of course, not everybody can follow Jesus Christ without committing any sin that will put them at risk of contracting HIV but I am sure that all of us really want to prevent more people of becoming infected.

Most people have heard about the ABC approach which stands for abstinence, be mutually faithful and condoms towards HIV prevention. Its main focus is on preventing HIV transmission caused by sexual intercourse but we also learned that sexual activity is only one way of how HIV is transmitted.

Originally the ABC message was developed in Uganda. It was never meant to be the only answer to HIV prevention. It is therefore essential that we also introduce other acronym in combination with the ABC message to demonstrate that there is more than one way of protecting oneself against HIV. The complexity of the cultural and societal context in which HIV is transmitted demands a multifaceted approach.

A very popular new acronym that manages to capture the multifaceted approach is "SAVE". Even as an acronym, SAVE reflects the underlying purpose of prevention programs; that is our whole purpose - we are here to SAVE lives through education and providing skills.

I will discuss on my next post what SAVE is all about.

Source: "Channels of Hope" workshop manual.


kemik said...

I read and study bible how about you, are read and study quran too. Are they the word of God?

E L R o i said...

Yap I read the bible, the word of God. Thanks for dropping by at my site. God Bless!

kemik said...

I believe bible is one of books from God besides zabur,Taurat and Quran. All we must be accepted and study. How you perception about them?

E L R o i said...

I am not familiar with Zabur and Taurat and Quran are for Muslims rights? Well, whatever God's word we are reading what really matters is our personal relationship with GOD.

kemik said...

For me we take care because they are mention in the Books of God. We should know the originally where they come from. Thanks. so Sorry if I make uncomfortable. We just talk in educationally only.

E L R o i said...

It's alright but thanks for the comment. Take care!