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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Day A Dream Turned Into A Reality

Today is Black Saturday and it has been more than a week since the most anticipated event in this season of my life has happened, my graduation day. This and few things have kept me busy for the past couple of months and looking back, I still can’t believe that everything has been done.

After I have sent the letters for sponsors that I have entitled “Road to Graduation,” I have started working more on my thesis while waiting for responses. Many have responded positively! There were a few who immediately deposited the amount they have pledged and there were some who gave it to me personally. I did not realize that there are people who actually believe in me and in the ministry that God has called me for. Although there were a few who said that they would pledge but perhaps they have forgotten and that’s all right.Virtually, I was able to raise the amount I have stated in the letter and pay and bought the things needed to meet my graduation requirements.

The defense was not as nerve-wracking as I have expected. In fact, it was very relaxed and I only got a few but somewhat long revisions so in short, I passed! Additionally, we had photo shoot for graduation, graduation process such as clearance, exit interview and personal preparations. And then we had our Baccalaureate Service, submission of the final copy of my thesis, graduation practice and eventually the big day, which is our graduation ceremony! All these had happened in less than two months!

Well reflecting back, I can still feel the excitement, happiness and also of the sadness for another chapter of my life has ended. Honestly, there is also doubt and at the same time hopeful for new opportunities that might come my way…open doors that God has for me. Before graduation I never had a plan and now it has been more than a week and I still do not have a plan. Although, I have hopes and dreams of serving the Lord again through the “Channels of Hope” work internationally and use all that I have learned from the Bible graduate school. There is one thing that I cannot really run away from now that I got my degree, the very thing that I asked the Lord not to let me do…preaching! I had my first unforced preaching last Sunday and it was indeed a blessing for the few people of that small church community in Caloocan. Their Pastor even has sent me a text message thanking me for the Word of God I have imparted for it still ministering to him after a couple of days.. I still can’t believe that I have finished it for once it was only a dream confirmed by a prophecy and now it has become a reality! Praise the Lord!

In the next few months, I will be updating my resume, look for possible work opportunities, have my regular check up and get my medical treatment supplies, attend to workshops where I was invited to speak, go out with friends, take review classes for Guidance and Counseling board exam, and continue praying for the path God has set for me. In the midst of the temptations and struggles in this pilgrimage, God has been and will always be faithful. He never faltered revealing new things on His everlasting love for us.

Thank you for continuously reading my entries here and God bless us all! Shalom!