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Thursday, August 3, 2017

HIV, Homosexuality or SSA, and Me

In the past couple of months, and again this month, the Lord has constantly placed me in the forefront of His works through these ministries. This explains why it took me a while before I make an entry again in this journal after some time.

Nearly after nine years of working and praying through Channels of Hope (CoH) for evangelical churches to get involved in the HIV&AIDS advocacy, it has finally happened! Well, that was said by my very close friend and mentor of this work. In fact, she supported my travel to Davao last July to share God’s faithfulness, His story of grace through me, to His anointed leaders from all over the country. At the 32nd Philippines Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) national assembly, I was given a 45-minute opportunity. Fully relying on God’s wisdom and guidance, I must say that it was the most satisfying, short but precise, and most powerful message I have shared in my entire HIV career! And I thank and praise Lord Jesus for that. 

The issue of homosexuality or same-sex attraction (SSA) is never too far to be a part of the message. It is the cross I got to take daily. After receiving truly mean and outrageously judgmental comments during and after my guesting at DZAS the following week, it became a very strong issue at the CoH workshop that my friend and I have facilitated. Together we went to her best friend’s church somewhere in Camarines Sur to conduct a two-day CoH HIV workshop for their pastors. Regardless of these “tensions”, as always, God never fails to end His works on a very positive, heartwarming notes. The leaders were all grateful for the enlightenment and knowledge they have learned and moved to do something about these issues in their respective areas. God is amazing, is not He? 

Two more things are worth mentioning. Prior to our trip to that workshop, another CoH workshop was held in Naga City for this particular LGU. What amazing was, for the first time, a mayor of the town has not only attended! He also participated in the whole two-and-a-half-day event! Truly his presence graced this learning event. 

Of course, this journal would not be complete without talking about the wonderful experience that my friend and I have experienced. Before that workshop I mentioned above, our host – the best friend of my friend, and her family have treated us to an island hopping in Caramoan! Despite the sunburn and tiresome road trip, witnessing and enjoying the wonderful creation of God was all worth it! What an awesome way to spend that weekend! And what a privilege and a blessing indeed, which comes along with these services accomplished ... all for God’s honor and glory!

Towards the end of August, I will be sharing again God’s story of love, grace, and work in and through my life. Your prayers and support are highly appreciated. Shalom, everyone!