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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Reality, New Opportunity, and A New Confirmation

A few years ago, while I was still working for this NGO, I have seen myself as speaker delivering a message for one of the devotions for the staff and colleagues. I did not realize that this would become a reality after Easter Sunday when I got invited to share the miracle healing the Lord has done to me earlier this year that Monday. This has become the platform God has planned for me to share His goodness and faithfulness in the midst of pain and affliction. “Embracing the Pain: A Way to God’s Miracle” was the title of the message that the Lord has impressed in my heart to share, which now has been turned into a manuscript for a possible introductory book for me as a new author. My mentor in writing suggested this and I thought it was a good idea before publishing a “raw” story about my life journey in finding Christ. People were amazed and blessed by the simple message I have imparted and my prayer is that, if ever this will be published, readers would feel the same and be more inspired to hold on to their pain.

What happened next was truly unexpected! Someone like me, a novice in writing with only one published very short article, has received an invitation to be one of the seven writers for this book project intended for young men! It was a new opportunity for me to showcase, not only my writing ability (if I really do have), but also my experiences in seven different topics in life such as relationship, career, leadership, finances, sex, relationship with God, and most importantly (at least for me) my advocacy with HIV&AIDS under the topic of engaging the world. Moreover, I took this new opportunity, not only as a privilege, but also as a new confirmation to this new career in writing. I still can’t believe that this is happening! My prayer is that…everything I would write and be published will reach and touch many hearts in a different and unimaginable ways.

Still in connection with the miraculous healing God has demonstrated, I got this invitation to preach to a small church in Pasig. The pastor is a very good friend of mine and was truly blessed and touched how the Lord has been and still working through my life. She specifically asked me to share the story God has accomplished with my life. Gratefully, God was praised not only for His goodness but also for the “good looks” He has given me, which was endlessly admired by virtually all the members hahaha! Very funny indeed!

My first CoH workshop for this year happened, which has become one the memorable and funniest batch I have ever handled! One thing to be noted is that, the director of the NGO that hosted the event has participated and this has never happened before! HIV&AIDS is one of his advocacies alongside with the LGBT.

Also I have conducted a workshop on understanding SSA with this church in Mandaluyong and it was one of the most relaxed, boldest, and honest sharing I have done in doing this work for the Lord. As I reflected on the event that evening, I struggled with the thought that I might have been too honest…this was the question about my last sexual fall, which I have admitted that it happened last year. I refused to lie and answered it carefully; from the very beginning I have been honest for I am not your typical convert who never fails. I have been honest always with God and with the few people I am accountable with. Still…all by the grace of God that I remained in Him! Definitely not proud of my sins, but it is a reality and a part of my journey with Jesus.

Finally, I was able to attend a conference for Guidance Counselors in Cavite, which has earned us CPE points for our license! More important than that was the reunion with my friends and former classmates from the graduate school as well as the new learning we acquired from the speakers. It was a good event!

Despite of these “busyness”, the spiritual warfare (with my SSA and other issues) goes on. Please continue to pray for me, in thoughts I often lost it and also in my heart, in action…hmmm yeah sometimes I still do (self-releasing) as I have mentioned already. On the other hand, these bring me to kneel down more, pray more, be discontented more with these struggles, and cry out more…but I need prayers…so thanks a lot…really appreciate it folks! God bless. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy, have inner peace, and contented with the life God has given me. Everything is just a part of this journey that helped me to grow and know God more…so till next time dear. :)