D R . E L R O I


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God's Promise for 2012

When I was still a very new Christian, I often hear words of promises from the Lord through the gifted prophet's prayer in our church. After more than four years, almost all of them have happened already except for one promise which I think will take a little bit more of time.

The promise of becoming a father (either spiritually or physically) is the only one left to still happen out of those promises I received a couple of years ago, a promise that I hold on to when I want to give up during times of failures and testing. In fact, this was the promise used by God to remind me when I was struggling over a virtual long term commitment / relationship back in December 2011. Anyway, this year I received another word from Him because I asked for it.

The Lord will take away the hardness in my heart. He will remove my stone heart and replace it with a flesh heart. He will turn me to a man after His own heart like King David. These are the words of His promise for me that all I can remember. The person who released it even asked me if I prayed this prayer then I remember that I have prayed once or twice nearly a little over two years ago that I want to be like David, a man after God's own heart.

God will break my heart with things that breaks His as I understood it and He will give me finally a wise and discerning heart! Clearly another promise where I can rest and hoped for in this journey with Christ!

All we got to do is ASK. Ask and He will answer, Seek and you will find and Knock and surely He will open the door!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year That Was

2011 was a great year for me generally speaking. It was a year of acceleration I remember as our church called it and indeed it was.

The ministry the Lord entrusted me has reached five countries from three. After my Bangkok trip on February, I was grateful to visit Singapore for communications training and spent time with my best friend. Together with most of my colleagues from the team, we attended training on Islam on May and saw the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I went to Cambodia to visit some of the projects on HIV and was blessed to see the Angkor Watt in Siam Reap on June. My abstract entree to the 10th ICAAP successfully granted me a trip to Busan, Korea on August and finally, my Pastor asked me to take part on the E21 event in Jakarta, Indonesia. God set a platform to all these places for me to share how HIV & AIDS bring the ultimate glory He always deserves to His name!

On the other hand, the struggle and temptations has also increased which virtually turn my direction into the wrong path in the last five months of the year. Its culmination, which I still can't believe up to this time, was that I nearly got married to a Dutch guy! Through all these failures and sins, God has been faithful and poured out an ocean like amount of grace. It made me realize once more that I cannot truly live my life without Jesus so I stick with Him no matter how painful it was. I am just glad that all these are over now.

But the best thing ever happened to me in 2011 was the very recent revelation I got from the book "Cat & Dog Theology" by Bob Sjogren and Dr. Gerald Robison. It helped me to rethink my relationship with God and made me understood at last the phrase "pleasing God over pleasing self and people". Life is not design by God to revolve around us but it was designed to be a series of opportunities to point to and reveal God's glory! God has created and planned everything as in "all" including the good, worst and even the extremely painful events in our life and in this whole world only to bring pleasure and greatest glory to Him and His name! What a revelation! It's all about HIM! That is what a "Dog" Christian is and will work my way of becoming one all the time in every aspect of my life.

Honestly, I have never been excited like this in my entire life for something I am totally clueless about! If there is one thing I am sure of is that 2012 will be way better than 2011 for I will start living passionately for the glory of God! Whatever I do, I'll do it for His pleasure and glory!

A blessed New Year to all!