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Monday, September 29, 2008

HIV Prevention Strategies 1 - ABC

As a Christian living with HIV, my ultimate goal is to promote Kingdom living as the effective way to stop the increasing numbers of people being infected with this virus. Of course, not everybody can follow Jesus Christ without committing any sin that will put them at risk of contracting HIV but I am sure that all of us really want to prevent more people of becoming infected.

Most people have heard about the ABC approach which stands for abstinence, be mutually faithful and condoms towards HIV prevention. Its main focus is on preventing HIV transmission caused by sexual intercourse but we also learned that sexual activity is only one way of how HIV is transmitted.

Originally the ABC message was developed in Uganda. It was never meant to be the only answer to HIV prevention. It is therefore essential that we also introduce other acronym in combination with the ABC message to demonstrate that there is more than one way of protecting oneself against HIV. The complexity of the cultural and societal context in which HIV is transmitted demands a multifaceted approach.

A very popular new acronym that manages to capture the multifaceted approach is "SAVE". Even as an acronym, SAVE reflects the underlying purpose of prevention programs; that is our whole purpose - we are here to SAVE lives through education and providing skills.

I will discuss on my next post what SAVE is all about.

Source: "Channels of Hope" workshop manual.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

COH in Bohol

Greetings to all my readers!

It was my first time in Bohol and that's where I had my third COH facilitation happened. The participants were so very active and participative and I sensed their zealousness to learn everything about HIV and AIDS and how to respond to it. I am glad that all of them were happy after the two days workshop and I thank God coz once again, more than 30 people has been blessed and inspired with my story. I thank God and praise Him for what He's doing in my life now!

The province of Bohol is a very placid and beautiful place. It is so clean, fresh and you can feel the nature as you travel around the city on the coastal highway. For the very first time, I saw the wonderful chocolate hills and the tarsiers of Bohol. I thank God for giving me all these opportunities to see His creations and I am looking forward for more as I do his work as His servant.

May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless me and my family. Heavenly Father, you are truly worthy of the highest praise!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Benefits of ARV

Drug cocktails prevent further damage to the immune system and in some cases, allow the body to repair the immune system.

Because of this, ARV prevents opportunistic infections and death. People with AIDS who were terminal and had nothing to live for, recover and go back to work and start to dream again and plan their futures like me. ARV is also very effective in preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

There is no doubt that these drugs are working and that HIV is becoming a manageable disease similar to, for example, diabetes. Again, it's not a cure but a treatment only and you can still infect others if you do not practice safer sex.

Developments such as the initiation of the Global Fund is currently helping Filipinos living with HIV to avail the ARV free of charge. I just hope and pray that it will last for a lifetime.

Source: "Channels of Hope" workshop manual.