D R . E L R O I


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Journey Towards The End

It is semester break however, for the first time somehow I can't feel it or it is
quite hard to feel it probably because of the things I need to finish and start with, not to mention the inter-semester course I got enrolled. Well, that's student life.

As I begin with this journey towards the end of this formal learning phase of my life, I have mixed emotions. There is anxiety, excitement, and anticipation. After the grilling process of thesis proposal defense a couple of weeks ago, the data gathering or field work is now about to start. With no income and depleting savings account, uncertainty of the sampling for this field work, then data analysis and writing, all these bring anxiety. Although, there is excitement for the things that might happen as I perform all these and wait for God's surprises. Of course, anticipation for the fast approaching graduation is there. Taking this Masters degree and enjoying virtually every part of the school training is a dream come true and an answered prayer that the thought of finishing finally also brings anxiety and excitement all at the same time.  Again, anxiety because I do not have any plan yet after graduation though I have been praying and hoping that a door will be open for me to work once again in this NGO that I used to work with. And yes, I am truly excited to graduate and employ everything I have learned in service to God whether in or outside the church setting. But I still love to work on HIV&AIDS and yes I can't believe I am saying this...helping the churches or church community to address their concerns on homosexuality or same sex attraction (SSA) among their members. The stress, worries and other difficulties from all these probably have affected my CD4 count but as long as I am not sick I guess I will be fine praise the Lord!

To all my loyal followers and readers, please forgive me for not writing as often as before. Aside from too much study related works, there's nothing really much going on with my life that is worth-writing in my opinion. In the midst of student life, I still share my testimony whenever I got invitation to facilitate an HIV&AIDS workshop or seminar or on the topic on homosexuality, in addition to church duties and responsibilities as a leader. Thank you for journeying with me and for all your prayers, I really appreciate it. And please do send your prayer requests or questions and I will respond when I am able. Blessings to all of us! Shalom!