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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HIV Treatment Options Part 1

The Difference Between Cure and Treatment

One very common misconception that we find amongst people is that since there is no cure for HIV there is nothing we can do once we discover that we are HIV positive. What do we mean when we refer to the term "cure"? We refer to type of medicine that will completely heal us or take away a specific disease. Is there a cure for HIV? Sadly at this point, we must say no for there is no medicine that can remove HIV from one's body once you are HIV positive.

When we use the term "treatment" we use it in the context of medication and general health guidelines that help a person to manage a disease or illness. The purpose of this treatment is not to remove the disease, but to help the person to manage and limit the effect of the disease on his body. In the absence of a cure, this approach allows people to actively contribute to their own health and in the process to prolong it and add value to it.

One example of an illness without any cure but with sufficient treatment available is that of diabetics who with the right medication and diet can manage the effect of diabetes albeit it can not be cured.

Note: Information was excerpt from the "Channels of Hope" manual.

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