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Friday, February 12, 2010

Bangkok Trip

I was out of the country for the past ten days because God had sent me to Bangkok, Thailand to be a part of the training team for Channels of Hope or COH Training of Facilitators.

This is my second time to be a trainer for this program and we are five in the team plus our mentor Rev. Christo Greyling. We have 21 participants who have attended and were certified to be facilitators and new "channels of hope". They came from Thailand, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. It was great to have a Filipino participant who is serving the people of Laos. Meeting and making new friends are just two of the great things that happen with this event.

People were blessed and inspired with what God has been done and still doing in my life when I told them my testimony. Their learning experience has become more real and heart striking according to them.

It was my first time in Bangkok and the second country I have visited. My good friend and I were able to see the Grand Palace before we left the country and able to see some shopping malls like Siam Center and MBK and did some a little shopping. Thai food was really good especially the Tom Yum!

God poured out many blessings to me during my 9 days stay in this place. I believed He opened a door for me which I thought was closed regarding this certain job I have applied for more than a couple of months ago though I need to confirm this first in the coming weeks. I have received an invitation from this youth church leader through email to speak about my life and minister to their group of young people. She's a follower of this blog and this is where she got to know me. Also God answered all my simple prayers while in Bangkok!

These are few of the good things happened to me while in Thailand though I must admit that not all the whole time I stayed there were all victory. Honestly I have made a mistake which I think I do not have to elaborate here anymore. God has forgiven me and taught me something new out of that blunder. It was not enough to stop me from loving God and surrendering to Jesus all of me.

All in all, it was a wonderful, blessed and great trip! I praise God and grateful to Him for this remarkable experience.

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