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Monday, August 30, 2010

Me In India

Yes, India is the third country I have visited and I must say that it's one of my best trips so far ministry-wise!

God sent me there not only to serve Him in the "Channels of Hope" ministry. He had shown me the end result of what I am doing for the churches and the beginning of a new journey for His people whom He had destined to change forever!

Once I questioned the Lord if this is the only thing I will do for His kingdom which is educating the church community on HIV and AIDS through COH and testifying to His amazing grace. And telling these people how He took me out of darkness, gradually healing and changing me. I got so excited when visiting a community where HOPE is being implemented was included on this trip.

This Pastor I've met was immediately woke up by God from a deep slumber and made him realize the role of the church after he have gone through the three day COH workshop. He called him to act and transform the lives of this certain group of people who are living in darkness for centuries! He took the children of this community in a child care center as the beginning of that transformation in partnership with our NGO counterpart there and introduced them who Jesus is by educating them in His words.

This community in Jaipur City celebrates when a baby girl is born because it is an assurance for them of monetary benefits by turning her into a commercial sex worker when puberty has reached. The women in that village, most of them are infected with HIV, are in prostitution and that's the only way they knew how to make ends meet.

I was deeply moved and can't help but to get too emotional while hearing this sad and heart breaking story from this Pastor that it pushed me to pray for him and his church afterward. Also I made a commitment to pray for them and for these people day and night as my initial contribution for the realization of this Pastor's vision. It was absolutely the highlight of this trip!

Indian people are really nice but this group of participants whom we have trained to be COH facilitators is really struggling on how to deal with the homosexuals! The discussions were intense that I took it as a sign from God to tell them how I am dealing with my struggle with same sex attraction or SSA with God and with my church as well, which I do not usually do for it is totally embarrassing on my part. But when God asked me to do so, who am I to say no? So I did and I'm glad that somehow I have shed some light on this matter to them.

They were so grateful to have met me and were so blessed at the same time and so did I. God and I have done a great job there and He's obviously doing wonderful things there!

I am so grateful to the Lord not only because of these moments, He also allowed us to see the city palaces and the beauty of their culture when we went to visit a few tourist destinations of Jaipur. Also I was able to ride on a camel for the first time! It was truly a remarkable and indeed a super blessed trip! Praise God!

After my virtually half month of stay in India, I took part on the two day workshop for my colleagues at the office when I got home. It has been really a fruitful month.

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