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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First CoH Annual Forum

Two weeks ago, 28 out of the 51 Channels of Hope Facilitators in the Philippines gathered for an annual forum. It's the first ever meeting of all the trained and certified "channels of God's hope" for people living with HIV and AIDS since it's launching in 2007.

The event served as a reunion of the first batch, second batch and those who were trained outside the country. It was also my first time to chair an event like this and I thank God for taking care of everything very well. From the preparations, program, sessions and until closing God was there! Truly when you entrust everything to Him, nothing can go wrong.

Everyone who attended had a great time. Re-commitment was done and plans were made to keep this God-given ministry going and continue reaching out more churches and other sectors. Hopefully, more and more will be sensitized on HIV & AIDS, empowered and will do their part to eliminate stigma and discrimination, help to prevent HIV infection and bring hope to those who are already affected and infected by this pandemic.

For with God, nothing is impossible.


stanw said...

Amen, with God absolutely nothing is impossible! Congratulations on having a successful chair experience (that sounds funny but you know what I mean!); it's encouraging when all the plans you worked and prayed over go well. God bless you my brother.

E L R o i said...

That is very true indeed my dear friend......that's why I am so grateful to God....these are already fruits of the seed planted by my mentor three years ago! Thanks bro and I hope you are doing pretty well. God bless :)

Anonymous said...

Brother, I wish you didn't have as your profile foto a picture of a shirtless man... That is really unhelpful for guys like myself struggling with unwanted SSA. Can you change it out of respect for other people? Many of your FB pics have you shirtless too. Perhaps you haven't really overcome this issue in your life.

E L R o i said...

Hello Anonymous thanks for the feedback....let me clarify first that it's not me in the photo. Please read my profile. Second, my FB photos are not shirtless (probably you associated this photo to himself and not me)....I have a couple of pics to be honest but not many as you stated here. Lastly, yes I am in the process of overcoming this issue. You have judged me correctly so my suggestion, you have a choice to refrain from viewing either of these two profile. God bless you :)

I will consider your suggestion when I found a good pic.Thanks :)