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Monday, May 21, 2012

Latest CD4 Count

The peak of my CD4 count since I started my ARV treatment back in June 2007 was 521 per ml of blood. After almost a year, it went down to 378 and then last November it plummeted to 294.

Honestly, I was a bit worried because it could be an indication that my drug regimen is not working anymore. But then I realized, I did not get sick for quite a long time and feel always healthy so probably my frequent travel and stress which are all work related might be the cause of this. I tried to get some good rest and my travel was lessened so I took the test again and I got the result last week.

Prayer really works and God has proven once again His faithfulness in me. My CD4 count has increased up to 457 which are very close to normal count of 500 and up! It's more than what I have expected. Also I took the other laboratory test I need to monitor regularly such as CBC, blood chemistry, FBS, uric acid, cholesterol, SGPT, SGOT, triglyceride and etc. and virtually all the result are within normal level!

It only means that I am now at the prime of my health praise the Lord and thank you God! Enough hours of sleep, good eating habits, regular work out and exercise, and nurturing spiritual needs while incessantly seeking God's presence truly works at its best!

Work-ministry-wise, not the answer I have expected from God but an opportunity to trust Him more! My contract will end this month and I was hoping and praying that it will be renewed after four or five months so I can study full time this semester. But last week, I was just informed that my contract is extended until September and another new contract will come after that. Not the way I planned it but it seems God has better plans for me than I do and all I can do is to trust Him even more. 

I can't help but be forever grateful and feel blessed to God Almighty!


Rajsh Sabio said...

Wow, praise God indeed! He is really good and faithful to His children... :)

I've been thinking and praying about you a couple of days ago... Im glad to have visited your blog again!

Always take care my bro... Keep shining for Jesus! :)

stanw said...

So glad I stopped by to read this post. I am truly overjoyed for you, that is fantastic news. God is certainly sustaining you in these days, praise His Name!
Not the news you expected but I am sure as time goes on things will unfold favorably as you trust our Lord. You are blessed indeed. Love to you my friend <3<3

E L R o i said...

Hey Rajsh and Stanw! Thanks to both of you as well for the prayers! Really appreciate it and AMEN! God is always good and faithful! God bless you both!

CD4-ZALLEN said...

one of my cousin was problem. actually the ratio of wight cells has effect and he have us many medicine but doctors are fail to control it after long time one doctor have control his problem now my point is that why mostly doctors are disable to control this issue ?

E L R o i said...

CD4-ZALLEN, thanks for visiting my blog and posting the question. I am sorry but I have no idea how to answer your question for I am not a medical doctor. The ARVs I am taking is basically to stop the replication of HIV and in effect, it will give time to my system to develop more CD4s.