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Friday, July 5, 2013

Channels of Hope in Cebu & School Life

Last week of June together with other two friends and facilitators, I led the two-day CoH workshop in Cebu City for the group of partners of the NGO I used to work with.

Like virtually all the past workshops the Lord has done through us, participants were all very blessed and encouraged to become a part of this advocacy at the end of the day. New people were met and new friendships were built especially with the two of the 35 plus attendees. One called me a son and she was exhilarated and so blessed by the courage and boldness that God has given me and shown to them while the other was truly touched by my honesty, being true to myself as an HIV+ individual struggling with homosexuality. He even said that he have never seen a “real” person down to his core before me. Above all, the event has reminded these people that God is in control of everything for His glory and honor.

Like my prayer each time I have an opportunity like this, which is to testify to the gospel of God’s grace, God’s name was praised and glorified at the end of the day and that is the most important of all.

Looks like this semester will be quite as busy as the previous one after almost a month has passed since the first school day. Reading assignments in my Theology class, which I honestly have found hard to comprehend, are beginning to file up while project and other requirements on my other subjects are also starting to eat most of my time however, I still finds joy in doing most of these. Still worried or doubtful sometimes I must admit regarding my financial status especially after this semester. But somehow have peace most of the time as I pray and remind myself to trust Him more that the Lord has something, like a surprise, for me soon.

Love and peace of God goes to all the visitors and readers, especially those who are touched and blessed by the story that He is writing on my life. Thank you and praise Lord and shalom to everyone!

NB: The picture shows the nine guiding biblical principles of Channels of Hope program.

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