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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer 2014

My vacation has started officially last week right after I have submitted my last final paper. It was a bit challenging school year indeed for it was where I had my comprehensive exam and internship. Both went very well because I was able to pass and hit the target grade I aimed for the exam. While for the internship, visiting the Yolanda typhoon survivors in Ormoc and counseling the youth from the foundation where the interns has placed were great and amazing learning experiences. God has been so good and faithful all through out and I know He will continue to be as I enter, hopefully, my last year in the program. But there are a couple of challenges I am facing on and have to come up with a decision very very soon.

First, now that I am approaching the end of my studies I was challenged to go on for a thesis track and have one. Originally, I enrolled for 60 units Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling non-thesis track but my desire for further studies in the future made me realize that it would be a huge advantage if I have a thesis. According to the people I talked with, most institutions will require a thesis before allowing someone to enroll in a doctorate program. Scholarship, finances and topic are the three major concerns that make me somehow ambivalent but without these issues I would love to go for it.

And second, well, my savings surely will not be enough to sustain me for another year thus; I really need to have a work as early as this month. I guess, I can both work and finish my studies this time if ever I will have a thesis for I have one or two remaining subjects to take. There are a couple of job opportunities that came my way. I just need to hear clearly from the Lord which one or neither of one for they are both far from the type of work I have been praying for.

Most people encouraged me to go for a thesis and get either one of the jobs not only they believe so much in me but moreover, they strongly believe that God will provide and lead the way. Honestly, as embarrassing as it is to admit, this is what I have been struggling with lately but I guess I just have to really trust and believe that God will carry me through with all these for what He started, He finishes. He is good and faithful. In the meantime, while waiting, I will enjoy my vacation and do some things to prepare. Please continue to pray with me if ever you will get to read this…really appreciate it. God bless and Shalom to everyone! 


stanw said...

Dear brother, I sure will lift you up in prayer concerning direction and finances. These are big steps you are considering and I am confident the Lord will give you wisdom in all circumstances.

Enjoy your vacation. It is good you are getting input concerning the thesis, etc.

E L R o i said...

Thanks Stan truly you are a blessing as a friend that I could always count on with prayers....surely God will answer...God bless you more brother and always upholding you too in prayers.

rukawa said...

hello elroi. I am a born again Christian who wants to reach out to HIV+ and give them hope through the power of the gospel. Although I am HIV negative I hope we can join forces to reach out to them. I am also advocating HIV prevention through abstinence and behavior modification. I notice that some groups resort to yoga classes for HIV+ instead of the
Word of God

E L R o i said...

Thanks Rukawa for visiting this blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate your interest to people like us. God bless you.