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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Life After Graduation

It has been almost three months since I have finished the graduate school and the work I have been praying for seems to be bleak and very elusive. Funny to think that more often than not, in this life we find usually find ourselves at a crossroad when things do not happen the way we planned it to be. The beauty in this all uncertainties is that, we have a God who holds our world in His hands and all we have to do is simply put our trust in Him while letting Him to lead us. Believe me, after almost eight years of journeying with the Lord; waiting is not getting any easier.

Nevertheless, God has His ways of keeping me a bit busy but not that hectic for I still have a lot time for myself practically not doing anything but simply relaxing.

April was a time reconnecting with friends and catching up and attending some ministry related meetings. This was also the month when the thought of putting up a counseling and training center has turned into initial planning. One of the founding members immediately proposed her owned office space to be the training center and official business center.

The following month, this Center for Development and Counseling was born and some preliminary marketing plans were mapped out towards launching that is going to happen on mid June. I was also able to conduct a two-day Channels of Hope for HIV with the youth of this particular church and it was my second time to hold this workshop with them. Moreover, I got invited to co-facilitate a consultation workshop for different support groups for PLHIV that were participated by their different representatives from all over the country. It was a great learning experience for me because I was able to get the clear picture for the first time how the government, NGOs and us should be working altogether to put the system in place for better service provision to the whole positive community.

Last week, I led facilitating a two-day Channels of Hope HIV workshop for the medical staff of this hospital in Tondo and it was my first time but already the second time of the team to hold the same event. New ministry partners and friends were gained aside from the blessings through serving the Lord in this work for seven years now. The week was capped with the reunion of former colleagues and friends from Channels of Hope movement from Africa and US who were in the country doing a Christian-Muslim training of facilitators.

So while waiting for God’s next move for my life, there’s a time for ministry, friends, family and for myself. There is also a time to minister to brothers and sisters who are in need of encouragement and guidance. As for the challenges in this Christian life, they remain but at the same time is keeping me to hold on stronger and stronger with the Lord.

A week after next week, the review class for Guidance and Counseling licensure exam is about to begin and I am still praying for God’s provision for my tuition fee and review materials including other basic living needs. For some probably they might wonder why I can’t just simply jump into a certain job to avoid financial issues. Well, I could have done that easily whenever I want to but what matters to me is where God really wants me to be. And besides I can feel that something good will come my way with all these events that have happened in this season of increasing faith and depending fully on Him while waiting. Anyway, I try not to worry and I am enjoying my time somehow.

Thank you for reading continually my personal online journal. Please feel free to send any prayer request and questions through the email indicated on this page and please continue praying for me as well…really appreciate it. Shalom and God bless us all.


stanw said...

Praying for you dear brother as you seek God's perfect will.


E L R o i said...

Thanks Stan...God bless you brother!

Anonymous said...

Good day, I'd been reading your blog and it has been touching my heart.
If I can tell you a story, I am currently with my partner who was diagnosed with HIV and as a Christian, I'm a little lost on how to deal with us. Your thoughts give me an idea on how to face these challenges and I hope that you are improving with your CD4 and viral load.
This may sound strange but even if I am anonymous I hope there's a way for us to meet to learn on how to cope with what I am going thru.

E L R o i said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for reading my blog and for sharing your thoughts and a bit of your experiences. Yes..meeting up can be arranged. Please send me an email. I am glad you were touched by this personal online journal of mine...Thank you and God bless.