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Monday, July 18, 2016

Preaching and Prophecy

Perhaps I was really called to preach, especially when it comes to sharing with what the Lord has done through my life. Unexpectedly, I got invited to share and “testify to the gospel of His grace” to this budding church in Subic. The person whom I got the invitation from was a complete stranger to me but he has come to know me through my interviews at DZAS and 700 Club. Also, he is studying now at the Bible school where I graduated.  He is currently the head pastor at a very young age! I am quite impressed. It was a great time spent with him and his future wife and a friend during fellowship. These are one of those moments that I can call a “set up” from God. Unexpected and rewarding at the same time, so I was truly blessed to be able to minister to him and to his church.

Then on July 10, I received a prophetic word from my pastor who prayed for me during ministry time after that Sunday service. These are the words from the Lord through him;

“I saw a long string with a large mark in the middle. This mark is a major turning point in your journey. The enemy has tried to bring you down but God has secured you position. You will come out through a curtain in victory and He will make your resources stable (ministry, career, income). I will give the deepest desire of your heart. I will pursue and chase after your family.”

Prophetic words are conditional. We have to nurture our relationship with God through Jesus in obedience to His words. If we fail, the fulfillment of these words might be delayed. Or worst, would be altered and not going to happen. On the bright side, it is something we could look forward to, pray about, and excitingly hope for!  You see, prophecies edify us as Christ’s followers! These could be words that can turn into His promise if we stay in the journey with Him.  I could not wait for that turning point to happen. However, I am so glad to be affirmed with my security in the Lord, the victory or victories, and salvation of my own family … thank you Lord!

Next month is something to look forward too. I have two Channels of Hope invitation, one in Bukidnon and the other in Kuala Lumpur. Still praying for the Lord’s provision for these ministry assignments. God bless and shalom!

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