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Monday, September 12, 2016

CoH Training@YMCA KL

After over four years, once again I got the chance to do certification training for HIV Channels of Hope (CoH) at YMCA, Kuala Lumpur that began on the last week of August and lasted for seven full days. It was exhausting but at the same rewarding!

The last time I have become part of the training team was back in 2012 of March. It was my last training with my former employer that was held in Chennai, India. This is my first time to do it with AIDSLink, another partner organization of Christians AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa (CABSA) in doing CoH globally. I got to experience once again the long days but short nights, getting to know and making new friends, and sharing what God has done through my life and CoH in a multicultural setting. Usual challenges with the participants and the process happened but in the end, everything went well like before.

What made this experience different from my past trainings are two things. First, there are new additions in the program that makes it even more comprehensive and integrated than ever. Second, my encounter with the Lord took place not through the participants but with my co-trainers. When we were giving feedback to each other during our last meeting at the end of the training, it felt like God has given me affirmation of what I do and how I live my life for Him. Through the words I heard from each and everyone of the team, it pierced through my heart that I could not help but to burst into tears. I was so deeply touched, blessed, and overwhelmed by His presence through them! It was truly an amazingly different experience!

But of course, the participants also expressed their gratefulness on how blessed they are hearing our stories and meeting me. God never fails to show me who He is on this ministry in different ways.

This coming weekend, I will give a short talk on same sex attraction (SSA) to this church in Cavite. Shalom to my readers!

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