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Monday, March 6, 2017

The Surprise at Officially Forty

Two months ago, I have written whether if life does really
begin at forty. Today marks my third day as an official forty-year-old guy.

Honestly, I am not really fond of celebrating my birthdays. Especially when I became conscious of my fear of getting into geriatric age. So I just let them passed like any ordinary day. However, the Lord has His ways that any man could not stop, including the birthday celebrator himself.

My family and friends spent some time and effort in the past to remember and celebrate it in simple ways. Mostly, I planned to spend this time with family and just stay at home. This year, I chose to be in Bohol and have decided to lead the facilitation of a three-day “Channels of Hope” workshop. The day I thought would pass off like any workshop days I have done previously did not happen. Something I was not expecting took place to my surprise!

At the end of the workshop during the closing ceremony, my dear friend and co-facilitator surprised me with the very thing I exactly instructed her not to do. With the help of the event coordinators, she announced that it was a special day for it was my birthday! Together with the participants, they sang the Happy Birthday song and prayed for me with the chocolate cake on my hands. Truly and sincerely, I was surprised! My plan of lamenting over reaching the age of forty did not materialize. It was exactly the opposite. I was and still overjoyed! Well, it is not every birthday I turned forty and far away from home. Thus, I must say God has made it special somehow and I am grateful for that.

It was not the kind of celebration I have dreamt of a few years before on my fortieth. Only if I have enough finances, I would love to do a mini concert of my own. Accompanied by a full live band, with simple food and drinks, I have imagined myself performing in front of my friends and family in an intimate venue. Oh well, perhaps this could happen in the future. Nevertheless, my turning forty remains special. Like I said earlier, I have lived more than I have expected so praise the Lord for the gift of life!

Arriving on another decade is something to look forward to and get excited for the rest of what God has in stores for us. In fact, I am thrilled to see how this year would unfold with the prophetic prayers I received early this year. I would share it on my next post. Shalom!


Anonymous said...

Good day, Sir. I have been reading your blog for days now and I am truly inspired by your strength and determination. Let me tell you that I have been tested HIV positive a few days ago and I am such a mess. I am in the legal profession, 29 years of age, and still at the cusp of pursuing my dreams. I contracted HIV becahse of that one single incident and I am now regretting it. It was my first. Sadly, things didn't go as I planned them to be. I haven't told anyone of my predicamrnt just yet as I am still in shock. The recent events have made me appreciate the Lord even more. I plan to be re-born and seek the Lord's guidance. I wish though that the people I will meet in praise and worship will accept me for.who I am. Can you refer me to a support system that can help me in this "lenely" journey?


E L R o i said...

Dear Leo,

Thanks for reading my blog and I am glad you are inspired. I really appreciate you sharing your HIV status and I can say that I understand what you are going through. By the way, just a thought...I think that a journey could be only lonely if you are alone. But if you journey with other pilgrims on earth it would be great. Based on your desire, which is to be born again and seek the Lord, the support you need is a church. You have a few choices. One is in CCF or Christ Commission Fellowship in Ortigas. Look for a representative of what they call a HEALING GRACE Ministry. It's the big building before Tiendesitas. You can go to our church in Gateway Mall Cubao. However, we do not have a support group like Healing Grace. Or if you are looking for a support group for people living with HIV, try calling or messaging through Facebook PLHIV Response Center and look for Pinoy Plus. Send me an email through my blog you can find it there. I hope this helps. God bless you Leo.