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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sri Lanka HIV Youth Conference

REACH '08 or Rise for Equality and Act for a Change and Hope is the theme of the HIV & AIDS National Youth Conference of Sri Lanka by Save Lanka Kids organization and Community Concern Society held last October 19-21 at Waters Edge, Colombo the capital city.

I was invited to be a speaker and I talked about discovering and dealing sexual orientation and stigma and discrimination. In relation to HIV and AIDS, I dwelt more on homosexuality and its root cause and why they are more prone to infections. The funny thing that happened was when I presented the idea that a gay person can change, I have created a lot of curiosity and tension inside the conference hall. Since most of the people there believed that it is inborn or a choice, the idea that it was developed and started out within the family as well as the idea of change is somewhat new to them.

To be honest, I really felt bad after my talk coz I have no intention of creating controversies. I did not even mention about Christianity and Jesus Christ to show them respect for their spiritual and moral beliefs. I asked the Lord why am I feeling that way and why is this happening and later on God gave me an affirmation that everything is alright thru all the delegates and especially the organizers who approached me at the end of the day and after the conference and told me that my presentation was really good and beautiful and they liked it! I felt relieved and thank God for that. I almost turn my back on my Christian beliefs and go with the world the moment after my talk but the Lord reminded me immediately of His words in 1 Corinthian 6:9-11 and then I suddenly refreshed by the Holy Spirit!

The Lord has been truly with me all throughout the conference and during my flight going there and back to Manila coz I had very safe and smooth travel.

Thanks to my dear friend Clement of WV India for his recommendation, I became a part of this conference and I have gained a lot of friends there and met a lot of Christians! Thank you Lord for giving me this very wonderful experience! I hope and pray that this is only the beginning. I really want to share my life and what I know to the people around the world and hopefully be able to promote to them that kingdom living is the answer to cease the spread of HIV pandemic.


self-sufficient parasite said...

Great work, Bro! Praise God for the courage He gave you to show that He is the right way.

Kudos to you!

E L R o i said...

Thanks man....Praise God really!