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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gift of Friendship

Last Tuesday my two college friends who work abroad, a local worker college friend and I have met and the four of us ate lunch and shopped together half of the day.

It was a blessed day for me because finally I was able to tell them the truth about me without any fear of losing them. God has shown me once again how blessed I am with friends who are always ready to help and be there when I need them.

In short, the reunion went very well and they have understood and accepted me for what had happened and I have felt that our friendships are meant to last for a lifetime. I know you guys are reading this so let me say a million thanks to you. The Lord blesses you always and you will be in my prayers.

Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift of friends. I just hope and pray that my other old friends who are still clueless to the events of my life will have the same response. God bless you all.


jhondeere said...

just remember that we will always here to support & love you whoever you are... God Bless & Take Good Care of your health always...

stanw said...

Great that your reunion went so well and always such a blessing to know you can share without fear of losing friends. Friend's are a gift, you are a gift my friend. Bless you.

E L R o i said...

Thanks Jhondeere and Stanw for the support and prayers. People like you are blessings and gift as well.