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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Channels of Hope at Logos Hope

This love month I have facilitated two Channels of Hope workshop, one in Cebu port and one in South Harbor Pier 15 through the sailing God's community of Logos Hope ship.

I got the opportunity to stay on board for two nights while in Cebu and it was really great. Not only I have met very nice people and made new friendships with them but God's presence was there I can tell! I believe the ship is anointed for I could not think of any sin which I struggle with the whole time I was there!

Anyway, the Logos Hope team and I had such a wonderful experience doing this HIV ministry in both ports. Participants have realized and accepted that HIV is real and a lot of things that they can do. They were touched through my personal experience which I willingly shared to them. Some felt God's presence and believed that God should be put first in everything, it made them recognized that God is good and challenges like this can makes us a stronger and better person as long as we surrender it to Him. For others, it opened their mind to the issue and opened their hearts to God. Some would like to undergo HIV testing. And one participant even said that he wants to put the Lord Jesus Christ in the center of his life! Clearly, this is no longer about HIV! It is now becoming a platform to show God's presence and His glory in the midst of this pandemic!

These are some of the amazing feedback and reflections we got from these two workshops! I am truly and simply grateful to God that He's the One who was exalted and got all the honor and glory He deserves for His goodness and faithfulness in my life! Thank you Lord Jesus.

Another one day workshop will be done once day dock at Subic port on March.


stanw said...

A guy I supported for two years while he was on the ship Doulos (which is now out of service, too costly to maintain) shared so much of what he did there. I got a great feel for the ministry they have so am glad you got to spend time with them, on the ship, and also to share. Kyle goes to our church here in the city.

E L R o i said...

Doulos was the old ship and its now Logos Hope.I have not met any Kyle and I'll be coming back last week of the month to do another workshop. They have an HIV ministry that's why I got involved. Thanks brother.

stanw said...

Kyle has been back here in Canada for a year now. He did a lot of ministering while he served on the Doulos, while on the ship he worked in the engine room.

Super that the Logos has an HIV ministry. Look forward to hearing about your next workshop trip.

God bless you my dear brother.