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Monday, September 21, 2015

Few Trips and A Talk

After passing the licensure board exam for Guidance Counselor, I have been into few trips that I have missed the recognition at school for us board passers. It was a little ceremony celebrating the successful first attempt of the Bible school and its counseling department. The book “Dare to Journey” by Charles Ringma with Henri Nouwen was the token given to us and I just got mine this week when I visited the school.
I was in Cebu attending the Channels of Hope refresher course that week when the recognition took place. It was a week of reunion of old friends serving in the same ministry and fun with a new close friend from the locale with food tripping, coffee and yes…little wine. The following week was spent at Hacienda Gracia Resort and Hotel at Lubao, Pampanga, a quite nice and beautiful place for strategic planning of Pinoy Plus. Also it was a week of reunion and getting to know more friends from the positive community.

Two weekends ago, the first out of town trip and staff meeting of our newly found counseling center was held in Pilar, Bataan, the hometown of our head colleague. We have done some amendments on the proposal for our first major client, which is a research company. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac and the cross or the shrine at the top of Mt. Samat was the two beautiful and historical places we have visited. The former showcases the Old Spanish houses in the country in which some of them were made into hotels while the latter tells the Japanese-American war history.

Last Saturday, I got invited to speak before a group of dentists and their staff in a fellowship. I shared a message, which I have entitled “Being There: The Quest for Integrity.” The sample story I used was my story and journey with Christ as we discussed achieving integrity in our daily lives. Most of them, if not all of them, were blessed to hear from someone like me who is so open and honest about my life. Reflecting on the teaching I have shared, I truly praise the Lord for finally bringing me to this point wherein I can blatantly tell both the good and dark side of the path I have chosen to walk into. There’s no more shame and no more fear but courage knowing that all this is for the honor and glory of God. There is really freedom in the truth of being who you are in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the midst of challenges, struggles in life and weaknesses, truly that living for God and His purposes is the key to an amazing and fruitful life!

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