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Friday, October 2, 2015

Supernatural Destiny

It has been quite a while since I have posted a review about the book I just have finished reading and this one by Don Nori Sr. is about a journey of faith as we answer God’s call in our life. Through his work there is one thing I have realized as I continue on living for Jesus and that is the necessity of brokenness. Below are the exact words I have excerpted from this book.

Most people believe that once they have heard the call of God and are certain of His leading, the rest of the journey will be very easy and He will take them to new heights and exciting dreams. Well there’s a truth in this but still could be further from the actual reality. The stronger the leading of the Lord, the more difficult the journey will certainly be. The early days of this “supernatural destiny” involve times of introspection, of a deep inner conflict of attitudes and actions that fight against the presence of God in our life. Therefore, the biggest lesson I have learned and still learning is humility and brokenness, coming to the realization that the thing that we have been called to do is much, much bigger than we could ever fulfill ourselves. Thus, we enter the process of brokenness. Of course, it took me years to learn this and like I have said I am still learning and getting the hang of it.

How I conduct myself in the everyday world is every bit as essential as the thing we are called to do. Through openness and desire to accomplish His will, I just have realized that brokenness is actually a part of this calling and is a lifetime process hence, a companion for life. For brokenness continually reminds us of who we are apart from Jesus. It helps us keep our success in perspective. It continuously reminds us of the pit from which we were removed. Brokenness is truly faithful in keeping our lives and our popularity under the Lordship of Jesus.

If you are honest with yourself, and if you allow honesty, repentance, and forgiveness to be part of your life, you will discover that brokenness comes alongside you as a very powerful safeguard against pride, judgments to others, temptations, and self-righteousness including words of those who may deceive you, all of which will certainly corrupt the work that God has given you. The circumstances that brokenness leads us into will continuously point out places within us that require attention and, ultimately, repentance, which is what we need instead of sorrow or remorse. Brokenness is faithful to us in situations that bring these fleshly roadblocks to light until we wrestle with them in the quiet solitude of our prayer lives. Brokenness knows that unless issues in personality, sin, and attitude adjustments are made, the end of our destiny is certain, and our lives end in shipwreck, sorrow, and much pain.

Personally, I am very conscious of my weaknesses. Regret is difficult to leave behind even after you repent. It is much easier for God to forgive me than it is for me to forgive myself. We handle our struggles and weaknesses differently (denial, justification, using scriptures, etc.) but it is better to confess to the Lord who we are, what we are, and how we have failed Him. That is why I was very glad to learn the importance of humility in following Christ. Honesty grants true forgiveness and release His power to give you strength and freedom over temptation. When we do not cover up our sin before God, He will cover us. When we conceal our sin before the Lord, we leave Him no alternative but to uncover it, sometimes even before man thus, accountability. 

Brokenness strives to deal with the hidden sin and will always come to us in the quiet of our own prayer life for God speaks through it concerning the issues that we have in life. In my experience with my SSA struggles and other sins, He gently urges me to a place of repentant sorrow and change. Then His mercy enters and allows brokenness to expose my weaknesses in a very real way. All these make this journey a lonely path somehow but the few people whom God has brought into my life alleviates this loneliness and praise God for them. For they are the ones whom I can bare my heart and my soul and tell them anything without fear of judgment, they are the ones whom I can be me in success and failure and in good times and hard times. They are God’s covering for me, the intercessors who walk with me in this calling…my supernatural destiny!

These realizations made me grateful to God once again for my struggles and brokenness. 1 Peter 1:3-8.

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