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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Yes I know HIV&AIDS months are supposed to be May for AIDS Candle Light Memorial Day, which is annually being done every third Sunday of the said month; and December for World AIDS Day. But for me the past month was all about HIV&AIDS for the following reasons.

During the second week of October, I went to Bacolod City to conduct an HIV&AIDS Symposium for a day. The University of St. LaSalle entitled their activity “Age Does Not Matter But AIDS Does” wherein the college of my friend and colleague where he teaches organized the said event and have attended the symposium. Approximately 200 students including from other departments or colleges have participated and learned. In addition to basic facts and information on HIV&AIDS, they also have heard my life story and some practical information on dealing with the LGBT community. It was an amazing experience to talk before these young people and have become a blessing.

Just a few days before the break for All Saints and All Souls Day, together with my friends and colleagues in the CoH ministry and RedHAT, I have conducted a half-day HIV&AIDS seminar for PCEC – NYC sector or National Youth Commission’s pastors, leaders and church workers. In this learning event, which was spearheaded by the Micah Challenge group, many were touched, inspired, challenged, moved, and blessed simply by listening from what God has done through my life as I shared. Similar with the USLS students, it also opened an opportunity for these people to discuss and do something about the issue of homosexuality or same-sex attraction (SSA) to their own communities.

Although I must say that the highlight for me was when somebody asked me about a book I have written, which I still do not have!  It was a sign I have asked from God that it is indeed His will for me to write a book about His story that He has written and still writing through my life! I guess this is it and now I have no choice but to plan and begin writing the manuscript. Just the thought of it excites me and I am going to ensure that this new venture will honor and glorify the Lord. The question is, will I use my pen name “Dr. El Roi” like the other authors or my real name? What do you think my dear readers?


stanw said...

Great idea to start writing a book. I imagine as you write you will have to answer as to what pen name is use...a publisher would sure have ideas about that. Praying all works out. Love to you my brother.

E L R o i said...

Wow yeah I guess so....thanks bro Stan and thanks for the prayers really appreciate it! God bless!