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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Understanding Sexual Response

That is the title of my talk last Saturday for the youth of Alliance Gospel church. I was invited to speak before this young people and educated them on how important it is to live pure and holy and to abstain from sex whenever they feel like doing it.

One of their board members was used to be my audience or participant on previous COH workshop I have conducted and she recommended me to be the speaker for this love month fellowship on their church for young people.

I surmise they have learned a lot and they were blessed when I told them my life story. My life has something to do with purity and abstinence that is why I felt that it was only right to share it to these young people to make it real and made them realize that consequences for sexual immorality such as unwanted pregnancies, STIs and HIV is really happening!

I praise God for his anointing and I am giving back to Almighty Father all the honor and glory for using me on his works on this earth. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you Father God! You're truly the best and simply amazing!

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