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Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Viral Load

Hello readers! I am so happy to post here on my blog about the result of my viral load test last month. I paid a visit to my doctor last Friday for her to check up on what is wrong with me for I have been suffering with a severe cold and fever since last Sunday, the day after my talk.

I got a slight fever from Sunday to Tuesday then it went away after taking some medicines. Now I am on my way to full recovery from this flu for my doctor has given me an antibiotic. I am feeling much better now.

Going back to the result of my VL test, it is 47 copies per milliliter of blood. This is a blessing indeed for it is very low and very close to be "undetected". Perhaps, after six months or a year I will have my VL test once again to check if the HIV in my blood is undetected. Thank you and God bless the person who paid for my test.

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