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Friday, March 20, 2009

One Year Celibacy

Yesterday marked the first year since I made the celibacy vow to the Lord, I have promised to consecrate myself for God few months after I became a Christian.

In my own definition of celibacy being a single man of God, I have decided to abstain from any sexual activity such as masturbation, phone sex, and sexual intercourse whether anal or oral sex.

Wikipedia defined it as a state of being intentionally unmarried and abstaining from sexual intercourse. It is the promise to refrain from all sexual activities including lustful thoughts for the purpose of spiritual advancement.

I must admit it is by God's grace and not by my own strength. Honestly, there were two or three times that I almost did it but it never actually happened because I do not want to. My flesh said yes but my mind said no and I have to stop it for God made a way out, it's really hard but with prayers and prayers of others and Words of God I guess it is possible. The most difficult is the lustful thoughts and Lord knows I am trying very hard working on it. Like I said before, I do not know until when I could continue doing this and only God knows. Thank you God for the grace!

Lord knows my secret desires so I pray that He will be patient with me as I struggle to break free from all of these evil desires.

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