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Monday, April 27, 2009

The 12 Step

I am glad and so blessed that Courage Philippines featured my story last week on their blog site praise God. I pray that many people will be aware and inspired by it as they read my story and eventually my blog and then learn something.

Here's the link, please copy and paste it on your browser if you cannot click it. http://www.couragephilippines.blogspot.com/

You might be wondering how on earth I can control myself not to masturbate and get into a casual sex for more than a year now. I have decided not to masturbate because it will be fueled by lustful thoughts then I will commit sin; same thing with sex for it is more of a sin. I must admit though that the desire is still there and sometimes the temptation to get into it is so strong especially when I caught my self unaware (or sometimes aware) exposed to something that fuels that desire.

The secret is the 12 Step, first step is to admit our powerlessness over something we are addicted to which hinders our growth in relationship with God such as alcoholism or any form of sexual addictions. Second is, believing in a greater power of God and then turning our life to Him. It means total submission to Lord Jesus Christ and obedience.

For the rest of the 12 steps and more information please copy and paste this link to your browser. http://12-step-review.org/

This is the program of recovery I have been following and striving hard to do as I struggle to break free of my idols of addictions. If you can recall, this was mentioned and followed in "This Way Out" by Frank Worthen which I also discussed here last year every chapter.

Again I do not know until when I can be celibate and consecrate myself for Jesus, only God knows and only by His grace.

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