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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Youth Camp

Last Friday I had a trip to Sariaya, Quezon to attend the last day of the youth camp of our church. The couple youth leader invited me to be a speaker under the topic of Purity.

I started my session with HIV and AIDS information then I followed it with my testimony. I have seen a couple of ladies crying but most of them were a bit shocked. Then last Sunday, the parents of these young men and women came up to me and told me that their children were all very blessed with my life story especially on how God is continuously changing and transforming me to the man He created me to be.

A friend of mine whom I have invited to the camp had his breakthrough and finally accepted the Lord Jesus Christ! He is also HIV positive with SSA struggle and truly inspired by how I am living my life in a godly way.

God is truly a living God! I praise Him and give thanks to Him for these wonderful recent events and for all the things He has done into my life. You are the best Lord Jesus Christ!

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