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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tha Shack

Hello readers! I pray you are in good condition, happy or not, when you come across and read my blog.

I just finished reading this book by William P. Young and I am so thrilled and very happy about this true to life story of Mackenzie Allen Philips! Of course I won't tell you what this was all about but what I have learned and struck me most instead about Jesus.

Every human's purpose in this world is to be in a relationship with God intimately in love. Elousia or Papa as God called himself in this novel does not want a piece of our life or time. Even if we give the biggest piece of us, it's not what He wants. God wants all of us, every part of us everyday.

Jesus does not want to be the first among a list of our values. He wants to be at the center of everything in our life. He wants us to fully rest and dependent on Him in total submission. In doing that, it will give us the real freedom because in Jesus we are not under any law for all things are lawful.

God's loves us just as we are no matter what is your condition emotionally or spiritually. We cannot do nor make any promises in exchange of anything from Him for He knows every minute part of us especially the ones in our hearts. God work around in the choices we made that's why it is imperative that we listen and follow his directions and instructions and not our own will. God truly loves us no matter what period!

I highly recommend you to grab a copy and read it so that you will understand who God is or who Jesus is. If you're in a mess right now, then this book is for you.

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