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Friday, June 19, 2009

Cebu Trip and COH in CDO 2

Two weeks ago I was in Cebu with my friends and officemates for a workshop which is part of my work as ARH Specialist.

I had a great time for I have learned a lot. Also I took the chance to see the Magellan's cross and the beauty of the city. Only after this the bulk of my work will now start but prior to getting myself very busy with that, together with the other COH facilitators, I was able to lead another "Channels of Hope" workshop to our field office staff in Cagayan De Oro City the week after that Cebu trip.

Again, guided by the Holy Spirit, participants were moved and blessed with my friend's and my testimony when we talked about the phases being gone through by people living with HIV. This makes the whole workshop different from the others for it really strike the hearts of the people aside from its holistic approach on this pandemic.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for incessantly using me in your Kingdom notwithstanding of my struggles and flaws in this Christian life I am trying to live out.

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