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Friday, December 25, 2009

Why Mary? Why Me? Why you?

Merry Christmas to all!

This could be my last blog post for this year so let me share the beautiful message to our church for this season which is aptly titled "Why God Chose Mary?"

God chose people according to His own purpose. It is not whom men choose but whom God chooses. God will choose people who will make a difference in your life. God is still choosing "Mary's" today, so why Mary? Why you or why me?

First, Mary established God-values in her life that were immovable. She has unquestionable values-convictions. According to my pastor, the following must be every Christians' convictions in life: the Bible will be my infallible guidebook for living, the main reason I exist is to serve God's purposes and it's not about me, God's plan are always better than my own, and obedience to God is what He will use to grow me and fulfill His best for my life.

Second, Mary was still in the process of learning more everyday. In Luke 1:34, her answer is "How can I cooperate with you?" She's willing to obey and she's prepared. God chooses those who are willing to obey even if they do not agree with Him. That is obedience. Pride is the greatest hindrance for us to be used by God.

Christians are both saved and being saved, still learning through convictions. We are saved and are still under God's work. We are all still being saved for new things are happening, Mary was not just saved but also still being saved that's why she could hear correctly from God. Probably you and I are in our situation because we heard from God before and we just obeyed.

I obeyed Him two years ago when He called me and now I am still learning and being saved. Happy birthday Lord Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas to everyone! God bless!


stanw said...

Love your thoughts so much. I am leaving for a couple days and so am sending Greetings to you, have a Merry Christmas my friend, celebrate Jesus' birth, take good care and the best in 2010.


E L R o i said...

Thanks Stanw! Same here my dear bro, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Shalom! :)

Giraffe Pen said...

Merry Christmas, buddy :D Love you so much! You're a great encouragement.

There's another reason why He chose Mary: she was a nobody. She wasn't a theologian, a politician, a philosopher, a best-selling novelist, just some dame from a nowhere town in the middle of a hot desert. It's in ordinary people that God does His work, not in power and shock and awe and razzle dazzle. Mary was so ordinary noone thought her son was important :) God bless you.

E L R o i said...

Merry Christmas and Happy NEw YEar Giraffe Pen! What more can I say but to agree! May the Lord's blessing be upon you always!