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Saturday, March 5, 2011

34 Years of Existence

Last Thursday was my 34th birthday. There's no special celebration or whatsoever. In fact I spent the whole morning at the hospital where I have my regular check up before I went home in the province to take my leave and rest.

Since I became a real Christian, the Lord always does something memorable on this day. On my 31st birthday, I have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. On my 32nd, the person used by the Lord to bring me back to His kingdom surprised me by visiting me at home. Then on my 33rd birthday I got informed to have the job I have right now which has seen by many as God's appointment!

This time God simply overwhelmed me with love! I have never received so many greetings in my entire life only until my 34th birthday. With face book alone, I got more than 130 wall post greetings! I have even received a lot of good wishes from people I thought would not even remember including the new friends I have from my Bangkok trip!

Also I got heaps of SMS birthday messages before, during and after the actual day counting some of my friends who work and live outside the country!

For some people this could be an ordinary thing but for me I do really felt overwhelmed by all the people who remembered to greet me on this day. Honestly, I can't help but to feel so loved by so many especially those who surprisingly gave their best wishes!

This is more than enough to replace the tiny worries from the situation I am currently going through. The skin rashes which was first diagnosed as PR as I have written here was actually not Pityriasis Rosea. It's worse than that which I am not yet ready to share it here. And because of this disease my CD4 count went down from 521 to 378 though my viral load remains undetected. Well, these are just a test of time and everything will be alright.

Good times and bad times, I will be forever indebted and thankful to God for everything he has done, what He's doing and about to do in my life. Thank you Lord for the 34 years of existence!


stanw said...

Such a great post on the way God has led you since you gave your life to Him. I sure will pray concerning you CD4 count and all that that entails, keep healthy my dear friend. God bless you, watch over you and give you peace in every situation. Love in Jesus.

E L R o i said...

Great Bro Stan! Thank you very much. :)

Anonymous said...

Sir just wondering.. if it is not PT.. hmm.. Sana mali ang iniisip ko. Sir siguro katulad mo rin akong infected with HIV.. I had signs and symptoms of HIV infection 3 weeks ago... inisip ko na lang na nagkaroon lang ako ng infectious mononucleosis. inadvise ako ng dr na magpatest pero di ko pa gingawa since nasa window period pa ako.. Sir pwede ko po ba kayo makilala?

E L R o i said...

Dear Anonymous....I am HIV positive...you will see it on my previous blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr.Elroi

I just sent an email to your dr.elroi@gmail.com account.. hope you can read it as soon as possible.. its quite important. I will not take much of your time.

Thank you