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Monday, July 2, 2012

Books Thats Inspire - A Review

A couple of months ago I have read two books given to me by two of my recently found friends. "More Than Conquerors" by Simon GUillebaud was a gift from Swiss couple friend whom I have met through Logos Hope and Channels of Hope Ministry. A very good friend I met also through Channels of Hope sent the second book, "Out of A Far Country" by Christopher and Angela Yuan, to me via regular mail all the way from South Africa and she's from AIDSLink.

Let me talk about first the Guillebaud's book. Generally, it tells the readers why and some of a how do we live our lives in a very radical way as a Christ followers. After reading the first few chapters, I have spiritually sensed already that once I finished the book I need to do what it says. Needless to say, procrastinations happened that it took me three months or beyond to finish reading! Not only that, when God calls us to live our life radically for Him it means we must obey whatever He said regardless of how we feel. There are a couple of things still I am combating to obey and I must do immediately otherwise, consequences might take place such as delays of growth or blessing that God earnestly desires to give! This book is a must read for it will help us realize through the author's experiences and knowledge how privileged we are as God's children and why do we have to live radically for Him! Some of his sharing are truly tear-jerking. I believe God have spoken to me once again through this book.

Yuan's book is something that men like me who struggle with SSA (same sex attraction) as a Christian and HIV+ people can closely relate to. It is not your typical autobiographical type of book where the author's life was blatantly shared. Reading it was like watching a TV series that will make you so zealous to know what is going to happen next! There is some suspense and turn around which are unexpected. But it's not what makes this book very uniquely interesting. The story was told through the relationship of a mother to his lost son, very heart-warming and I must also say tear-jerking true-to-life tale of unconditional love, the love a lost mother and our Heavenly Father.  In other words, this is an account of a two lost child of God.

Reading these two books simply have reminded me how God amazingly loves us irrespective of our past and even our present. We just need to let Him speak, listen and then obey. Regarding the two things I need to do as an act of obedience, well I am getting there so please pray for me. Shalom!

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