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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God Still Heals Today

It was the middle of last week of August when I started to feel sick a bit. The slight fever I felt I thought was because of the day that I got wet with rain showers on my way to Bible school.

The following day the fever went off but I was not feeling well. I felt a little weak and soft and then when the night came, the slight fever went back so I took paracetamol. It was like that until weekend that the fever was on and off, then Saturday came. I really felt weak that day that I cannot hardly move so I texted some friends to pray for me and that evening, my Pastor called me to check out on me and prayed for me over the phone.

Sunday came and I felt a little better so my mother took me to the hospital to do some lab test to see what was going on. The lab result came and it appeared that my platelet was only 24! Monday came, I was feeling a bit better again and got no fever since Sunday and it never came back though I was not feeling normal though. My mother asked me to take some "tawa tawa leaves" tea for it has been said that it can increase platelet so I did. 

On Wednesday I have decided to visit my physician and she was surprised, a bit shocked but not so worried upon seeing me when she saw the result of the lab test. She said it could have been dengue but cannot declare it really was because I was physically fine that day and the day before that. So she asked me to repeat the test and the result was close to normal and then to make sure and rule out everything, I repeat the test one last time and viola! Everything was very normal!

Being HIV positive, getting sick like this is bad for my immune system is compromised already so I need to be careful. I did not suspect it either as dengue because for me it's just a fever that was going on and off and that's it. I was not feeling anything except weakness so I just tried to rest with no medications and hospital. When I asked some of my friends to pray for me, I felt their prayers honestly! It was like a prayer brigade where the climax was when my Pastor prayed for me to be healed too. 

Strongly I believe in my heart it was God who healed me through that prayer brigade. Yes maybe I took some "tea" to increase my platelet but it has no proof and for some reason in my heart I was so convinced and truly felt that it was the Lord who healed me.

Actually I shared this miraculous healing to our church last Sunday. For some this may seem trivial or normal but for me it was not. Simply I believe God still heals today! So whatever you're going through whether you are sick or in a really not so good situation.....pray and pray incessantly!


Rajsh Sabio said...

Hi bro, i feel the burden and i have just prayed for you...

you may want to listen to John Mac Arthur:


It ministered to me and dealt with me in areas I have tried to "hide" from myself and God (as if I can hide something from Him di ba?) Anyway, I pray He will minister to you according to your need as you listen to the preaching of His word.

Blessings! :)

E L R o i said...

Hi Rajsh, thanks a lot....how are you? Hope you're doing well. God bless :)

Rajsh Sabio said...

Doing good! John and I will get married on the 21st! The long wait is about to be over. Hehe!

Be keeping you in prayers! Thanks for always texting me with inspiring messages!

Blessings! :)

E L R o i said...

Wow Congratulations! So happy for you both! Thanks for keeping me in prayers and you're welcome. God bless you and John!

stanw said...

God definitely has his hand on you and healed you, that is such awesome news. He sees our tears, He hears our prayers, and He will heal us, AMEN! Stay strong my brother.

E L R o i said...

Thanks StANW! GOD bless!