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Sunday, May 7, 2017

The CD4 and Me

CD4, if you would visit my first few entries several years ago about HIV information, is the part of our immune system attacked by HIV. It serves as the host where the virus replicates itself.

As part of the monitoring and treatment, CD4 test is being done every six months. Last March, I had this test in one of the Social Hygiene Clinic in Quezon City. The result read 489. It went up from 469. On April, again I got tested at my official treatment hub. It went up several notches to 539. Not bad I guess for a less than month interval. There was a time that it only increased by three points after six months. Well, like we always say, it is just numbers. As long as I am not sick and perfectly healthy, then there’s nothing to worry. After virtually eleven years from the time I was diagnosed, next month would be my tenth year in ARV treatment! For the second near death experienced I had early last year, I got miraculously healed and here I am ... still alive, happy, and contented in the midst of life’s daily cross.

When it comes to HIV Channels of Hope, I got busy conducting the workshops from December to March to different communities in Luzon and Mindanao. As for the counseling work in our center, I got a client now whom I see regularly a few times in a week. Also, I got counselees from our church. Next month would be class time again for three weeks. Wait, I think I have not shared yet here that I have started my doctorate degree in Christian Clinical Counseling last January. Yes, by God’s grace, I was able to get a scholarship at Asia Graduate School of Theology in which has become my deciding factor for not choosing La Salle. Please do pray with me for financial provisions for my studies, wisdom and good health as I do simultaneously all these work ... all for God’s honor and glory.

Looking back at my journey, I was like, “Who would have thought I could be doing all these after HIV?” Truly with God, everything is possible as we continue this life journey in union with Christ our Saviour. Shalom dear readers!


stanw said...

Always a delight to read good news. Hoping and praying you get the finances for further education. God bless and keep you healthy my dear brother.


E L R o i said...

Thank you Stan my ever faithful brother! Amen to that and God bless you too!