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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dangerous Surrender

This is the title of the book I just finished reading written by Kay Warren. She's the wife of Ric Warren, the author of the book "The Purpose Driven Life".

Kay talked about how she was called by God to be an advocate for people living with HIV & AIDS and how she surrendered her goals, dreams, plans and her whole life to God's will.

I can relate very much to her experiences because when I surrendered and totally submitted myself to Lord Jesus Christ and cried out to God that I am all his to use according to His will and purpose, I never thought that it was a dangerous surrender. After a year of being a Christian, I realized that giving in to God is not easy. It's not for cowards as Kay described, it's the boldest, riskiest step you'll ever take because this dangerous submission can bring both joy and pain, both heartache and ecstasy but it enables you to know God in a far deeper way than ever before.

Like Kay, I also felt that I want to save the world when I learned the realities and facts on how this pandemic affected the world especially those who live in Africa especially now that I am witnessing every month the increasing number of people infected by HIV in the Philippines; not to mention that they are getting younger and younger! Because of this, I became more determined to continue doing what I am doing and prayed to God to expand my horizon so I can reach out to lots of people through the "Channels of Hope" program I am currently involve at.

In our own little way, we can make a difference to lessen if not totally put an end to the spread of HIV & AIDS pandemic. Be educated about the issue and everything related to it and pray to God on how He can use you in this ministry. The people of the church has actually a huge part on this because as God's people, we should give them hope and show them that we have a big God that can take over. Remove the stigma, be a channel of hope and show to people and children living with HIV & AIDS God's love by being compassionate about them, about us!

Again like Kay, I have nothing in myself to offer but Christ in me who does. He has made my life sacramental offering through the wounds I've received in my life, the sexual brokenness I am dealing with, sinful behavior that I could not control, other wounds known only to Him, and of course when I myself got infected with HIV. God's way of preparing me to be an advocate has involved a painful journey. The only difference between us is, she protested many times while I deeply asked for it for the simple reason that nobody could understand or relate to this people other than somebody in their situation. Kay has to visit and see for herself the difficulties and hardships of PLWHA in Africa and in Asia including the Philippines. Without those wounds and God's crushing fingers, I would not be the person I am today. I am not the person I used to be but I am not yet the person God has created me to be. God and I are still working on it, for how long? Only God knows.

God chooses the ordinary to become extraordinary and the most unlikely to serve his kingdom like what He did with Kay and now I believe, He's gradually doing it to me. The call is definitely worth the cost which is higher than we anticipate.

Read this book if you are willing to become disturbed, gloriously ruined, expose evil, make a dangerous surrender and make the invisible God visible by being his hands and feet in this broken world - by doing good. If you are willing to risk it all for Jesus Christ's sake, say yes to God and your world will begin.

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