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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking Back to 2008 and Forward to 2009

Happy New Year to everyone!

Year 2008 was a fruitful year to me as I started the first year of my Christian journey with the Lord Jesus Christ! I have concluded the year by finishing the whole Bible from the book of Genesis to Revelations though I must admit I did not retain everything in my brain. I have memorized several verses which apply to me and to my struggles daily. I just found out that the enormity of God's love and how are we going to live our lives rightfully are all just there!

I started the year by attending and finishing the ALPHA course in our church and given my testimony on the Holy Spirit. The "Channels of Hope" HIV & AIDS program facilitator's training I attended is an answered prayer when I asked the Lord to use me according to His will and purpose. I've been doing this workshop for the last 8 months in different parts of the Philippines and the goal of de-stigmatization of the church community has been gradually taking place. The last one was in Tagaytay City last December 29 when this Pastor friend of mine invited me to be a speaker to their youth camp. Ethereal happiness is what I am feeling every time I do this in spite of how tiresome the travel and schedule is! Also, I came and then went off to Bagong Pag-asa to learn how other ex-gay Christians deal our same-sex attraction struggle everyday.

Now I can say that I am so in love with the Lord more than I could ever imagine that I give back all the praise and worship and glory to our Heavenly Father! I have learned so much for the past year and I give thanks to all my new Christian friends who walked with me and will continuously help me on this journey with Jesus Christ.

I am looking forward to 2009 very positively. I hope and pray that my love for Jesus will grow deeper, deeper enough for me not to entertain any temptations around me and just quietly be obedient to Him. By the way, I am on my 10th month of celibacy on the 19th of January! Praise the Lord! He did it! I hope and pray that I will be able to continue it for Jesus.

Strongly I believe that God has something big for me this year when it comes to the work and ministry I am praying for Him coz He told me to wait, be still and know that He is God.

Praise God in Jesus name. Amen.

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