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Friday, January 16, 2009

Doane Rest

My doctor friend and I stayed at Doane Rest in Baguio City last January 7 - 10. We had a great time together even though it was a time for her to grieve for her mother who passed away last December 25. I just opted to be with her as a friend.

We visited a bible school there in Benguet and the weather is colder than in Baguio, its like 6 degrees Celsius! The school is very nice and very quiet and the staff members are all nice people. I met a guy there who is very handsome and I have a crush on him I must admit. Well, I know as a Christian struggling with same sex attraction I should not be entertaining things like this but I can't help it. It's just an attraction, it will fade away some time later on.

When I have decided to follow Jesus and leave my past life, I know have to deal with this struggle everyday. For how long? Maybe for a lifetime? Only God knows. I just pray that the Lord will give me enough strength not to give in to any temptation. According to my Pastor and to my devotional bible, a struggle is a gift because it keeps us closer to God. We must be thankful for this struggle because when we stop struggling the enemy will devour us.

Doane Rest is very beautiful place to stay, the rate is pretty low. It is a perfect place if you want to think and spend time with God. Though it is intended for missionaries who visit the summer capital of the Philippines, you can also stay there but for a little higher rate. I am just blessed to be a good friend of a missionary doctor. Praise the Lord!

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