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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Latest COH Workshop

This is my eleventh COH workshop to facilitate and fourth as a lead. The recently held seminar last week was intended for the staff of the organization I am working for. Unfortunately, there were only 9 staff attended and the rest were from church partners.

"It challenged my views and has opened up my heart and mind to the reality of HIV and AIDS. I will definitely share it to my family and friends and encourage other office staff to attend this seminar. All Christians must be educated and get involved in this issue and be a channel of hope!"

The above statement is just one of the many positive feedback and comments of more than twenty participants. What a blessing from the Heavenly Father! He's truly faithful and good all the time. Seeing the transformation of the people after acquiring knowledge and learning from the workshop really puts me in a blissful moment especially when they commit and try to do something to be a channel of hope!

I really love telling my story because it is simply a story of God's grace. People has been touched and realized that all of us are living in the realm of God's grace and mercy. Continuously, I also learn something from them and every workshop were different from each other. God is moving people differently through this ministry.

I pray that the Lord will continue to use me for the advancement of his kingdom and help me to use the full potential of the gifts He had given me. I cannot do this without Jesus so I give back all praise and glory to Him. Amen.


Sweeney said...

I Just came across you blog today. I'm so glad I did. I can't wait to see how else God uses you for his will. I'll keep you in my prayers.


E L R o i said...

Thanks Sweeney! I am glad you came across my blog. Thanks for the prayers as well coz I really need it. I'll be speaking again next week regarding my HIV experience being positive myself and how God is gradually transforming to be a man He wants me to become. God bless! :D

Jay said...

Your testimony really is amazing. But I was wondering how you reconcile your HIV+ status with your desire for a wife? Wouldn't you be worried about infecting her? Would it even be worth the risk?

E L R o i said...

Well Jay....I am taking ARVs and it brought down my viral load to the lowest level that the possibility of infecting my future wife (God's will)will be very low. I have met a pastor from South Africa who happens to be positive for 25 years. He has now two cute daughters and they are both negative including his wife. There's nothing impossible with God and I am holding on to that reality! God bless bro!

Jay said...

Thanks. I followed up my comment on the original post that talked about your desire for a wife, so we can carry on the conversation there.

I know all things are possible with God, but at the same time, that doesn't mean we should make risky decisions, especially when they could end up hurting others very much. You can be a strong, godly man even if you are SSA and celibate. That's how I am, at least. :)

E L R o i said...

You're welcome Jay. Not all people with SSA can do the same thing as you do.

A decision will be risky if God is not involved. If it's God's will that I will have a wife and kids who am I not to follow Him. I have received a prophetic word early this year about being a father and now the desire. Prior to these words, I am happy and have decided to celibate and serve Him for the rest of my life but that is my decision. What about God's decision? I don't think we can ignore it. I think we're talking a bit far about this....I just have desires and simply thinking of getting married and have kids but no plans yet. I'll just wait for God's direction for I am fasting and praying for it. Thanks for the comments bro! God bless!

Jay said...

Ah, I understand now. We come from different religious traditions within Christianity. I am not a charismatic at all so -- no offense -- I don't quite believe that God gives people prophetic words or speaks to them directly. I believe in cessation, and that the charismatic spiritual gifts died with the Apostolic Age.

E L R o i said...

Sorry it took me a while to respond. Try to read 1 Corinthians 14. I believe the God we have is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Jay said...

God is the same, but He has related to humanity in different ways throughout history. The God of the Old Testament was the same as the God of the New Testament, but you can't say that He wasn't relating to humanity differently before Christ came along.

Likewise, Paul gives a lot of warnings about prophecy. In fact, one could say that he gives just as many warnings as he does encouragements, and he also makes it known that prophecy is a secondary gift, a temporary one, and that it does not have the same authoritative power as God's word.

I encourage you to look up some cessationist resources and apologetics online, if just to give yourself a better understanding of Christians like myself who come from that theological background. Take care!