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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boy Meets Girl

This book of Joshua Harris talks about courtship and romance with a purpose; it's having a relationship in a Christian way.

First I thought, why on earth would I read this kind of book? I have no intentions of getting into a relationship at least in the very near future. Above all else I have no intentions yet of getting married. Yes the desire to have a girlfriend who will eventually become my wife was already there but why now? I asked the Lord.

Nonchalantly, I read it and whoa! I have felt like God was speaking to me though Harris' words and stories. Astonishingly, it's not just about relationship. He talks about how we should live our life as a man and woman of God in order for us to be in a match made in heaven! A God- given gift kind of relationship and marriage.

Aside from the things I have learned on ways of getting into courtship and its significance, what really struck me most was the part when Harris discussed what's being pure and holy is! And also why living pure and holy and without even a hint of sexual immorality is of great value especially for God. That's when I realized and decided that I will try my best to really live pure and holy, of course with confidence in Jesus for I cannot do it alone by myself.

Harris also explained in details the meaning of God's sacrifice and Jesus' crucifixion in relation to purity and holiness. For some reason, not only that I have deeply appreciated it but I have finally come to full understanding of God's love!

I am so blessed and grateful to have read and finished this book. Is it possible that God is gradually preparing me to be in a relationship? It started several weeks ago when I have felt the desire to have a girlfriend and be married, and then I have began to like this girl in our church and now we are somewhat close friends. Could she be the girl? Could this be the start of the new chapter of my life? Am I really prepared and ready for this? Well, only God knows and I am in bliss.

I have decided to pray about this for almost two weeks now and optimistically to hear from HIM in his perfect timing. For the mean time, I will enjoy my friendship with her and continue to get to know her more.


Giraffe Pen said...

Hey bro, how are you? I sent you an email yesterday :) I hope you're well :)

E L R o i said...

Hello brother! Just read it and I sent a reply :) God bless!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blogspot since February i think. But its only now that i feel sending you a comment. I must admit that sometimes i feel sad and burdened by what im reading but then over all im blessed. I have been in constant prayer for you and have even fasted for two weeks when i read you blog after your Bagiuo training. The incident on the bus made my heart so heavy that i went home asking God what can i do to help you out. Fasting was His answer. In prayer i asked God to help you stand every temptation that will come your way and that all your desires for a man die down to your amazement. Prior to the day of fasting i attended church and heard a testimony of a man who was healed of being a heavy smoker and a drunkard.in just 3 days of crying out to God, he woke up the next morning with no desires at all to smoke and drink. And so i told God if you can do it to that man, He can do it to you. Though your case is very different still it is the same sin in the sight of God. Today after going through your blog again im so happy and blessed that i can see fruits to my prayers. Im so happy to know that God is changing your heart and have this desires now for a woman. I'll be in prayer for that to continue and end in the way God has intended it to be. I prayer that you'll be as sure as the rising and setting of the sun in all your decisions. Till next time.....God bless you and keep you safe and strong.

E L R o i said...

To anonymous, thank you very much for your prayers....I really appreciate it. Please continue to pray for me for I have the same prayer to myself that one day I will wake up without these desires for attractive men anymore. People like you somehow helps me to choose Jesus every time I face temptations, I know it's not right for my love for Jesus must be the reason why I am doing this. Even this new desire came, the same sex attraction is still there and sometimes is killing me. Whoever you are, I pray that God's protection and grace will always be upon you as well. Thank you.