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Friday, May 16, 2008


Dengue is one of the possible illness experiences by someone who is positive with HIV if he has a fever that keeps coming back for a certain period of time like in my case.

I started to have a fever last Saturday night and the highest temperature I have registered on the thermometer was 38.9 and last night I had 38.4 probably because I was exposed to a very cold temperature in the bus on my way home after my check-up. My last CBC lab test result is ok especially my platelet which is very normal now, that's why my doctor and I is wondering what could be the reason why I have a fever. Anyway, as of the moment I don't have a fever and I am feeling alright. In fact, I was able to do my regular work-out this morning and other household chores. Probably God have answered my pleading prayers last night to heal me and spare from this disease for I have lots of preparations to do with the Channels of Hope training for Bagong Pag-asa.

I am just kind of a bit afraid coz there are patients in the hospital where I have my regular check up who have dengue and experienced the same kind of fever I've got. The difference only is that, mine is not very high and my CBC result is far better than theirs though it's a bit off from normal. Well, I just hope and pray that God will spare me from this and He continues to heal me physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually. Of course, even I am sick I still have to continue my walk as a Christian and this is one of those tough times that I need to go through and it's fine with me. The Lord is always with me and will never abandon me.

Living with HIV is difficult in such a way that whenever you got sick even a simple cold and fever, you need to be alarmed and find out the reason why especially if it's repetitive. Unlike when you are normal, you can easily never mind a simple flu or fever. The worst part is aside from the ARV or antiretroviral drugs I am taking, there are lots of other medicines I need to take like antibacterial or antibiotics to prevent the disease from taking place that sometimes I feel nauseated due to these oral drugs.

In my next posts, I am going to share my knowledge on HIV and AIDS for you to be able to get basic information and prevent from getting infected with this wicked virus.

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