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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Homosexuality Part 11

The Belief Principle

When you have decided to change and leave homosexuality, you have to believe in yourself that you can do this through God and not with just your own self. After you have received God's forgiveness and accepted Him as your personal Lord and Savior, you have to believe that the change you want is possible. You need to have faith and hope in yourself and in God; yeah I know it sounds easy to say than done but for me it's the only choice I've got if I want to live a happy and normal life. If Frank Worthen have done it, so can I and you.

You need to believe that God has really spoken about homosexuality as a sin. If you are going to open up your bible and read Leviticus and Corinthians, you will find that it is mentioned there a couple of times so believe that it is indeed a sin. I always go back to this bible verses which I mentioned in my previous postings, every time I am being tempted to think about having sex with a guy. Then I will pray that God will continue to protect me.

You also need to know that belief comes from a simple hope, a hope that things might possibly change. If that hope grows, it will become reality. We do not have what it takes to bring it about only if we will place it on Jesus. Hey! I really hate to sound or read so preachy or religious but this is a serious matter. When something is serious, most of the time we turn to Him especially if it is a matter of life and death. So I guess you better live with it man!

In the health services field, it is known that a severely ill patient who is filled with hope has a better chance of survival than a slightly ill patient who is depressed and has lost all hope. Believe it for it's true.

When I have accepted Jesus Christ into my life and asked Him to take charge, I know that I have to change my lifestyle and abandon homosexuality. Did I turn from homosexual to a straight guy in a matter of a few minutes? No, but the foundation was laid and I was filled with hope. I have experienced the changes in me when the Holy Spirit began to work within me. Whether you believe it or not, my sexual desire with men became less that I can manage now to turn away from them when they approach me. Yeah I still tend to get attracted to good looking guys especially with well-built physique but it's just end there. I can now resist the temptation to pursue them and simply just walk away. One day I believe that my prayers to God of changing my view with men will happen.

If you have decided to change but do not believe that it is impossible because of the temptations out there, then it will not going to happen. Disbelief will block all the changes we want to take place and at the same time, it also blocks all that God wants to do in our lives.

Be firm in your belief especially during the tough times for it tests our faith that we can do this with Him. Trusting God with our lives, being assured that change will come and that God will do what the world considers impossible is the kind of belief that you and I should have.

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