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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Alpha Course

This coming Wednesday will be the 3rd to the last before we finish the whole course. It was exactly 2 Mondays ago when the Alpha Weekend Getaway was held, well its the 25th of February and it was holiday that's why it was opted to do it on that Monday. During that event was where the Holy Spirit thing discussed and the pastor said that everybody in that room will be able to receive it, no exceptions. Some of us have collapsed, but most of us have cried and cried including me. But there was this guy who also cried but at the same time he spoke a different language which, according to the pastor, God can only understand. And these are the normal reactions from those who have received the Holy Spirit. Though as for me, I was expecting a drastic change to myself but unfortunately I never did. Not until that day before my birthday came and made that declaration I mentioned yesterday. Since then, my heart is always full of joy and according to the people I have talked there is this certain glow in my eyes and my whole personality that is beyond happiness. Well I guess that's the Holy Spirit and honestly up to this very moment I am so happy, very enthusiastic to take responsibility from God and very much willing to do whatever He would ask me to do. All I want is to live the life that Lord Jesus Christ has planned for me and I am pretty sure that I am on my way. Not only that I can truly feel it but something very unexpected happened, it was something I have been praying all the time and I think it was finally answered; my calling.

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