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Friday, March 7, 2008

My 31st Birthday

I have celebrated my 31st birthday last Monday and it was the happiest birthday I ever had. The reason is that I have made a declaration in front of our church members a day before that from then on I will try very very hard to live the life of a true Christian via sharing all the changes that occurred to me since the Holy Spirit receiving thing took place. I want it to be no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me. I was so overjoyed that day because I knew that the Holy Spirit was overflowing out of me.

It was December 13, 2007 when my Christian doctor, also a close friend of mine, prayed over me and asked me to receive Jesus Christ in to my life by asking His forgiveness and submitting my life to the Lord. I am not sure then if I am ready to walk in light with God, but He's the only choice and the best choice left for me after all the series of predicament happened to me. I attended my very first church Sunday service at this Christian Church situated in Cubao on December 23, 2007; it was 10 days after being Born-again. I never thought that I would enjoy that moment because for the first time I have felt the strong presence of the Lord especially during the worship song. It was January 9, 2008 when I attended the 1st of 10 Wednesday Alpha Course at that Church in Cubao. It is the course of knowing God and why should we believe and entrust our life to Him, why do we need to walk our life with Him, why do we need to read the Bible, everything that has something to do with the spiritual life which everybody needs and living righteously. Honestly at first, I am not quite sure of myself if I really want to do this but I have decided to give it a shot. Unconsciously, I began to like it, became so drawn into it and I even became so excited that I always look forward to it every week! I have no idea that learning and knowing our God and the Lord Jesus Christ will be a very wonderful experience for me!

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