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Friday, April 25, 2008

Homosexuality Part 6

Doing The Ordinary

This is the fourth step and the 6th chapter in Worthen's book entitled "This Way Out." God want us to do things like ordinary Christian people do like He want us joined to a body of believers. Once we have made a tough decision to leave homosexuality behind, we must seek the love and support of God's people. Intercessory prayer is essential to bring a new life and a victorious walk, and it can only come from other Christians. To be in Christ and part of Christ, we must also be in and part of His body, the Church.

As of this writing, only my few female friends from the church I go to knew this dilemma of mine. Exposing my real sexuality to male church goers I have met is still in the stage of planning as to when and how am I gonna tell them.

According to Frank, the problem of homosexuality is not so unique and special as we think that's why God does not exempt us from having to do the ordinary expected of all Christians. We do not have to have an isolated Christian life especially from same sex because that is what we need; the affirmation from same sex on a non-sexual level of relationships. One author quoted that homosexuality is difficulty in relating to same sex and not to the opposite sex. Perhaps it's the reason why gays can relate so comfortably with women on a non-sexual level. Having said that, the main root of homosexuality can be healed as a sense of affirmation and belonging replaces that deep sense of alienation through interdependence. It is what the Lord calls us to in the Body of Christ and it is a part of His plan for healing.

Simply attending church regularly won't do it, but this is a foundation for change that must be carefully laid. Bible study, prayer, fellowship and service are also ordinary things which require our attention if we want that change to takes place.

The Bible is the living word and has been supernaturally pieced together by the Holy Spirit. It is the manual of our life as a human and we need to obey it for God will reward our obedience.

Prayer is an imperative part of the change process. We must pray for ourselves and others certainly, but what great change can happen when a group engages in intercessory prayer on our behalf. Also be reminded that we need to be patient, I asked the Lord to change my views on men so that I won't be attracted to them but it will take time. Always, I have to remind myself that a change is a long process and an immediate result from prayers should not be expected. I have learned that I need to obey God's words and will and wait Him to bless my obedience. My friend keeps reminding me that God honors everything that I gave up for Him like turning away from sexually attractive men, I always think that it's not worth it if I gave in to them. The waiting period is a test of our faith so we need to be patient, wait and knowing God is faithful to reward us for our sacrifices, than to build a case against God and suffer the results of separation from God.

Fellowship means taking an interest in others and watching out for one another then rewards will come back in our direction. As part of the body of Christ, we are responsible also with one another. Like what I have learned in the workshop, we need to be the salt or light to others that will give them hope and light in darkness.

God also requires us to serve in churches. At first, I thought that I need to get my act together before I serve the Lord but it should not be the case. In my experience, when I help others with the same struggle that I have whether on homosexuality or other issues it helps me to understand life more and become mature as a Christian. Also, it feels like sharing the same faith with others and it gives joy to my heart.

So find a church where you are comfortable and people whom you can trust and then build a solid rock foundation for the change you want to occur towards a completely healed sexuality. Obedience to His words is the key and God honors our day-in and day-out obedience. So when the storm comes He will protect and upholds us. God's grace will save us from disaster but He won't do it our way. We might have a long wait and doing the ordinary may seem like a waste of time, but every act of obedience moves us farther along in the change process. Most of the time, change comes silently and unobserved. Only when we stop and look back do we realize how far we've come.

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